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 Episode Photos- Season 1
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1.01 sharon1.1- Reloaded 1.02 flynn provenza bts1.2- Before and After
1.03 provenza
1.3- Medical Causes
1.04 sykes raydor
1.4- The Ecstasy and the Agony
1.05 provenza aims21.5- Citizen’s Arrest 1.06-provenza-sykes-flynn-raydor1.6- Out of Bounds
1.07 tao raydor rustys dad
1.7- The Shame Game
1.08 flynn rusty raydors1.8- Dismissed With Prejudice
1.09 rusty raydor11.9- Cheaters Never Prosper 1.10 Flynn Provenza Raydor1.10- Long Shot

Season 2:

MAJOR CRIMES2.01- “Final Cut” 2.02 raydor2 lr thumbnail2.02- “False Pretenses”
2.03-group thumbnail2.03- “Under the Influence” 1.04 thumbnail32.04- “I, Witness”
2.05 thumbnail2.05- “D.O.A.” 2.06-flynn provenza thumbnail2.06- “Boys Will Be Boys”
1.07-raydor thumbnail2.07- “Rules of Engagement” 2.08-provenza rios thumb2.08- “The Deep End”
2.09-provenza thumbnail2.09- “There’s No Place Like Home” 2.10 thumbnail2.10- “Backfire”
2.11-thumbnail2.11- “Poster Boy” 2.12-provenza sanchez sykes thumb2.12- “Pick Your Poison”
MAJOR CRIMES2.13- “Jailbait” MAJOR CRIMES2.14- “All In”
MAJOR CRIMES2.15- “Curveball” MAJOR CRIMES2.16- “Risk Assessment”
MAJOR CRIMES2.17- “Year-End Blowout”
MAJOR CRIMES2.18- “Return to Sender, Pt. 1″
219-raydor rios rothman taylor thumb2.19- “Return to Sender, Pt. 2″

Season 3

301- buzz provenza sykes thumb301- “Flight Risk” 302-raydor sanchez thumb302- “Personal Day”
303- raydor tao thumb303- “Frozen Assets” 304 raydor sanchez tao thumb304- “Letting It Go”
305 provenza raydor tao thumb305- “Do Not Disturb”
306-raydor thumb306- “Jane Doe #38″
307- buzz provenza raydor thumb307- “Two Options”
MAJOR CRIMES (TNT)308- “Cutting Loose”
309- thumb309- “Sweet Revenge”
310- thumb310- “Zoo Story”
311- raydor rusty thumb 311 – “Down the Drain”
312- provenza thumb copy312 – “Party Foul”
313- flynn nicole thumb313- “Acting Out”


314- fritz raydor sykes thumb314- “Trial by Fire”
 315-buzz provenza sanchez sykes2 thumb315- “Chain Reaction”
316-buzz sanchez sykes tao thumb316- “Leap of Faith”
317- thumb317- “Internal Affairs”
318- thumb318 – “Special Master, Pt. 1″
MAJOR CRIMES319 – “Special Master, Pt. 2″

Season 4

401- thumb401- “A Rose is a Rose” 402- thumb402- “Sorry I Missed You”
403 thumb403- “Open Line” 404 thumb404- “Turn Down”
 405-thumb405- “Snitch”  MAJOR CRIMES406- “Personal Effects”
 MAJOR CRIMES407- “Targets of Opportunity” 408-thumb408- “Hostage of Fortune”
409- thumb409- “Wish You Were Here” MAJOR CRIMES410- “Fifth Dynasty”
 411- thumb411 – “Four of a Kind”  412- thumb412 – “Blackout”
 413- thumb413 – “Reality Check”
 414- thumb414 – “Taking the Fall”
413- thumb413 – “Reality Check”
414- thumb414 – “Taking the Fall”
 415 thumb415 – “The Jumping Off Point”  MAJOR CRIMES (TNT)416 – “Thick as Thieves”
 417 - flynn raydor thumb417 – “#FindKayla”  418- flynn raydor thumb418 – “Penalty Phase”
MAJOR CRIMES419 – “Hindsight, Pt 1″  420-thumb420 – “Hindsight, Pt 2″
 421- thumb421 – “Hindsight, Pt 3″  422- thumb“422 – “Hindsight, Pt 4″