Episode 1.04- “The Ecstasy and the Agony”

Episode 1.04 – “The Ecstasy and the Agony” – Monday, Sept. 3, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

A homicide case involving the Israeli mob and a self-proclaimed “intuitive life strategist” (guest star Michael Weatherly) leads Major Crimes to partner with the FBI. Provenza opens up to a suspect in a rare display of vulnerability. And Rusty’s first day of school doesn’t go as planned.

Directed by Arvin Brown
Written by Adam Belanoff
Created by James Duff

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Review: Episode 1.04 “The Ecstasy and the Agony

Review of episode 1.04 by TVfanatic.com

I also enjoyed the exchange between Tao and Raydor when Tao said he remembered something really important from the crime scene, but he forgot what it was. The way Raydor has taken to behaving in such situations is purely her take on the character. She makes a slight tilt of her head, breathes in a bit and almost smirks before replying. To his forgetting she said something like: ‘Well, come on back when you remember’ and turned around and walked back to what she was doing.

It’s as though she just expects the little moments of incompetency and won’t let them get to her. That was not at all what I expected when she was put in charge.”

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