Ratings: Major Crimes Hits New Winter High, Rises 20% in Season Finale

By M. Sharpe

521- flynn raydor lrMajor Crimes finished its 5th season with a bang, both on screen, and in the ratings.

Wednesday’s explosive season finale brought in a total of 2.9 million viewers, a new winter season high since moving to Wednesdays, and a 20% increase over the previous season high. The episode also hit a season high in key demographics, bringing in 0.3 million viewers 18-49, and won the night as the most-watched scripted cable show of the night.

Last week’s penultimate episode of the season also took in its own first, winning the week as the week as the most-watched scripted cable show for the first time this winter season.

In time-delayed ratings, episode 319 finished its run with 4.66 million viewers in Live + 7 day, almost fully doubling from its Live + SD delivery, and rising over 5% from the prior episode. Greater gains were seen in key demographics, where the episode rose 100% to 0.6 million viewers 18-49.

Episode 319 also came in as the second-most watched cable series of the week, coming in only behind The Walking Dead.

Major Crimes returns for Season 6 this fall on TNT.


7 thoughts on “Ratings: Major Crimes Hits New Winter High, Rises 20% in Season Finale

  1. I just want to say thank you ,I could fill my comment with much more ,but if I start I wouldn’t stop to describe what this show means to me . A tv show yes but it’s so much more ,it brought people from around the world together

    • I agree! Greetings to all MC fans, as well to the MC cast and crew from Croatia, Europe

  2. This show had been consistently interesting, topical and highly addictive!

  3. Woohoo!! Major Crimes is still holding its own against the big boys on a different night!
    Just think of what it could do if TNT did even a little bit of promotion!
    I appreciate all that MCTV does to promote Major Crimes. I know it’s a tremendous amount of work and time but please know fans appreciate it!

  4. I loved the season finale of major crimes, it was the best. I was so happy when Sharon became a commander. Can’t wait to watch Major Crimes season 6. LOVE MAJOR CRIMES AND SHANDY♥♥♥ BEST TV SHOW MADE EVER!

  5. This should send a message to TNT that we viewers want to see more of Major Crimes and become a regular series as opposed to as seasonal replacement.Truly this is one of the best crime dramas on the air. Major Crimes, in my opinion, is on par with NCIS and Criminal Minds. Each show of the series are amazing. They are all slightly different in how they are presented. The common thread is that each episode leaves you wanting more. It leaves you waiting for the next episode.

  6. I love this show been watching when it was the Closer. I hope it will be around for a long time.

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