First Look: Jeri Ryan Defends Phillip Stroh in Major Crimes Season Finale

219-rothman lrTVLine has released the first photos and information about Jeri Ryan’s (Star Trek:Voyager, Boston Public, Body of Proof)upcoming guest-starring role as Phillip Stroh’s attorney in “Return to Sender, Part 2″, the season finale of Major Crimes.

“In the TNT drama’s Season 2 finale, airing Monday, Jan. 13, at 9/8c, Rusty already is facing his greatest challenge yet when he takes the stand to testify against serial rapist/murderer Phillip Stroh. But complicating the case even further, the D.A.’s office must go head-to-head with Ryan’s character Linda Rothman, a tough, powerful attorney who doesn’t let morals stand in her way of winning a case. (Gee, wonder why Stroh picked her.)”

TVLine also reveals that Jon Tenney will return for the final episode of the season as well.

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Jon Tenney Returns to Major Crimes

jon directs jon lqFritz Howard is returning to Major Crimes.

TVLine is reporting that Jon Tenney will be returning to direct episode 15 of the second season of Major Crimes, and will also be returning to the show in front of the camera for episode 16.

Both episodes are set to air in December. Major Crimes returns from hiatus on November 25th.


Summer Finale and Winter Season Spoilers

2.03-35-raydor rustyA new article at TVGuide sheds some light on where Rusty’s story might be heading on Major Crimes, as well as what might be next for Sharon Raydor. Warning: Contains Spoilers.

“As on-screen threats against the teen murder witness intensify, could Rusty’s days come to an end on the TNT drama’s August 19 summer finale?

“Rusty is in a lot of jeopardy,” confirms executive producer James Duff. “There’s a major turn in his story as we kick it up a notch in terms of what this boy must suffer. And there’s a very good chance that his actions in the past will come back to bite him.” Rusty’s fate — death, or perhaps a transfer to the witness-protection program — will go unresolved until the series returns this winter, at which time Sharon will consider divorcing her absentee husband.

The finale also features an Andrew Cunanan-like killer, a sicko named Brandon North, “who comes to Los Angeles to audition for a male-model reality show called Poster Boy,” says Duff. “When that doesn’t [turn out well], something snaps.”‘

Episode Descriptions for Major Crimes 2.06-2.11

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Major Crimes Season Two Spoilers!

1.06-37-buzz flynn raydor provenza taoWith the premiere of season two less than seven weeks away, plot details and casting spoilers are starting to be released!




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