Major Crimes Season Two Spoilers!

1.06-37-buzz flynn raydor provenza taoWith the premiere of season two less than seven weeks away, plot details and casting spoilers are starting to be released!




First up, had this tidbit about episode 2.03, “Under the Influence”:

“Is it too early to ask for scoop on Major Crimes scoop? — Marc
Never! After doing some digging, I landed some exclusive casting intel. Ben Feldman, who most recently grew a wicked mustache as copy writer Ginsberg on Mad Men, will guest-star in a Season 2 episode as Jason Andrews, a budding television writer who goes on a ride-along with Tao and Sanchez. Naturally, things go sideways when the cops make a discovery they’d rather not have Jason around to witness. (If he’s anything like Ginsberg, I hope they bring earplugs!)”

Then had the following information:

Major Crimes | TNT’s offshoot of The Closer will introduce in Season 2 Jackson Raydor aka (yep, you guessed it) Captain Sharon’s estranged, not-quite-ex husband. Jackson is described as a “charming and devilish rascal” on hiatus from his career as a lawyer to pursue his main passion: gambling. But you can bet on major awkwardness — or sparks? – when Jackson grabs a gig as a public defender, temporarily crashes at Sharon’s place and fast becomes a buddy to ward Rusty.