MajorCrimesTV is now the Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell

newsitewhodis headerWhen MajorCrimesTV shut down last September, it was with the hope of finding a new way to keep the best the conversation and voices that the What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast, Mary McDonnell, Major Crimes and the community at large brought together.

We are thrilled to finally announce that in keeping with that goal, MajorCrimesTV is now part of the Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell. Taking what we cherished about being a part of bringing “What Would Sharon Raydor Do?” to life, we couldn’t be happier about continuing that journey with the Lady Bam Podcast and The Lady Bam herself, Mary McDonnell.

Please visit us at our new home at and on our new social media channels:

Twitter: is no longer active, but will continue to serve as an archive for Major Crimes, as well as the home of the What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast with Mary McDonnell, and we look forward to it continuing to be a resource for fans as they discover the show for years to come.