Major Crimes Stages ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Reunion for Season 4


Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber at a 2014 Battlestar Galactica reunion event in Hollywood, CA hosted by the LA Times.

The President and Captain Apollo, reunited? has learned that Jamie Bamber, who starred as Lee “Apollo” Adama alongside Mary McDonnell on the hit SyFy Channel series Battlestar Galactica will once again pair up with his former leading lady for episode 403 of Major Crimes.

The episode, scheduled to air June 22nd, features Bamber as “a pompous celebrity photographer with boundary issues”, according to the episode description.

Our only question is, will someone utter a “so say we all” for old times sake?

Don’t forget to tune in for the Major Crimes season 4 premiere, Monday June 8th at 9pm/8c on TNT!


First Look: Jeri Ryan Defends Phillip Stroh in Major Crimes Season Finale

219-rothman lrTVLine has released the first photos and information about Jeri Ryan’s (Star Trek:Voyager, Boston Public, Body of Proof)upcoming guest-starring role as Phillip Stroh’s attorney in “Return to Sender, Part 2″, the season finale of Major Crimes.

“In the TNT drama’s Season 2 finale, airing Monday, Jan. 13, at 9/8c, Rusty already is facing his greatest challenge yet when he takes the stand to testify against serial rapist/murderer Phillip Stroh. But complicating the case even further, the D.A.’s office must go head-to-head with Ryan’s character Linda Rothman, a tough, powerful attorney who doesn’t let morals stand in her way of winning a case. (Gee, wonder why Stroh picked her.)”

TVLine also reveals that Jon Tenney will return for the final episode of the season as well.

219-raydor rios rothman taylor lr

Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Protecting Rusty and More on Major Crimes

MAJOR CRIMESBest known as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show, Malcolm-Jamal Warner is set to guest-star on the next two episodes of Major Crimes as an SIS Officer tasked with protecting Rusty. Warner spoke about his role, and what attracted him to Major Crimes, in a new interview with

How would you describe your role on Major Crimes?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: I play Lt. Chuck Cooper, a SIS detective who investigates high crimes suspects, big time robberies, and kidnappings. The Special Investigation Section are the guys the LAPD call in to do the heavy lifting.

Could this two episode arc lead into a recurring role down the road?

MJW: Anything is possible. I would like that.

Having been on TV on different shows for many years, what was the attraction to doing this series?

MJW: I like single camera work versus multi-camera. I’m also a fan of the cast of ‘Major Crimes.’ Mary (McDonnell) and I work together off-Broadway about three years ago, so it was great working with her on television.

Playing an authority figure is new for you.

MJW: Yeah. I’m always looking to do roles I haven’t done before and that was one of the attractions to doing the show.

Had you watched any of the episodes or ‘The Closer’ prior to doing your arc?

MJW: Yeah. I was a fan of that show and the cast members who went on to ‘Major Crimes.’

Besides the two episodes that you are in, what’s a good reason to watch Major Crimes?

MJW: I think it’s a good show with a really great cast. All of the actors are very strong, so whenever you have a show with a strong ensemble, it’s very interesting to watch.

Read the whole article here.


Major Crimes Adds Guest-Star Power to Winter Episodes

By M. Sharpe


Photo credit: Doug Hyun

The winter episodes of Major Crimes promise to bring lots of action, excitement and some “major” guest-star power.

On his Facebook page, series creator James Duff teased about the lineup for tonight’s episode: “Bill Brochtrup and Esai Morales of NYPD Blue fame guest star on tonight’s episode of Major Crimes. “Jailbait” by Ralph Gifford and Carson Moore, directed by Mike Robin (who also directed the pilot of The Closer). Great performances from our guest cast and series regulars.”

Fan-favorite Kathe Mazur also reprises her role as DDA Hobbs in tonight’s episode.

Looking forward, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, of The Cosby Show fame, will be appearing in two episodes. Of his role TV Guide says, “Appearing in the Dec. 30 and Jan. 6 episodes, the onetime Cosby kid will play Lt. Chuck Cooper, a SIS (Special Investigation Section) supervisor brought in to help protect Raydor’s ward Rusty from his stalker, at all costs.”


Doris Roberts and Marion Ross Talk Career Longevity and ‘Major Crimes’


The cast of Major Crimes with guest stars for episode 209 Tim Conway, Marion Ross, Ron Glass, Doris Roberts and Paul Dooley. Photo Credit: James Duff

In a new interview with Starry Constellation Magazine, TV Icons Doris Roberts and Marion Ross talk about their upcoming guest-starring roles on Major Crimes, and open up about what has kept them moving forward throughout their storied careers.

Q) Could you each start and tell a little bit about how you got invited to be a part of the show?

Doris: Well I think our age did something for that.

Marion: Doris, that’s what I was going to say. We are kind of relics you know and I think we had such a good time on this set because everyone who worked on the crew of Major Crimes had been working on The Closer. They are a very close group, but they have known us all their life. I think so, don’t you Doris?

Doris: Absolutely. In fact, a couple of them I worked with on Remington Steel a long time ago. Over 20 years ago.

Marion: It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with Doris.

Doris: Yes, it is. Isn’t that amazing?

Q) Talk to us about being on Major Crimes.

Marion: I will tell you we are going to solve this mystery Doris and I. As Doris said – she said, “Guess who else is in this, Tim Conway, Paul Dooley, Ron Glass.” And you know it was so funny because Tim Conway is – the camera is on our backs, a big master shot, so Tim is trying to remember the lines. Well of course, he’s got them all screwed up, so now he is making up stuff. Well it’s so much funnier than the other stuff, but we are all shaking. I mean surely the camera can’t see that we are just shaking.

Doris: It looks like we are crying. And G.W. Bailey, another wonderful actor who is in it, and we are all alive, which is wonderful and our brains are functioning very well, so that’s even better.

Marion: And I got to wear beautiful clothes.”

Read the entire interview here. Doris Roberts and Marion Ross will be guest stars on the August 5th episode of Major Crimes.


Tom Berenger Reunites with Mary McDonnell on ‘Major Crimes’

2.05 mary tom berengerIn a new interview  with Zap2it, Tom Berenger talks about his 3-episode stint on Major Crimes, and how coming to the show was a bit of a reunion for him.


“I know three people on the show, so it’s a little bit of a reunion,” the friendly Berenger tells Zap2it. “I did a comedy in Spain with G.W. Bailey (‘Rustlers’ Rhapsody’), and Raymond Cruz worked with me on [the movie] ‘The Substitute.’


 ”And then Mary McDonnell and I did a fabulous play back east with Kevin Spacey (‘National Anthems’), two acts and three characters, and it was sold out … so this was like old home week. They’re a really nice bunch over there, very relaxed and very happy, and that’s always good.”

Berenger and McDonnell both have had Kevin Costner as a co-star, he in “Hatfields & McCoys” (for which Costner also won an Emmy) and she in “Dances With Wolves,” which made her an Oscar nominee. They didn’t really swap Costner stories on the “Major Crimes” set, according to Berenger, who enjoyed applying their shared stage past to their latest stint together.

“We played a husband and wife back then, and now here I am playing her husband again! We kind of joked that we already had the chemistry going, and it was just really easy. You could walk right into it.”

Though he considers his new alter ego “a little comic relief” for the police procedural “Major Crimes” is, Berenger hastens to add his character isn’t totally light.

“He has a drinking problem,” Berenger says. “That’s part of the subtext, and though he got over that, he still gambles a little bit. And he likes it, card games and all that. Maybe it was worse when he was drinking.

“I’m kind of basing it on a friend of mine,” notes Berenger. “He didn’t have a drinking or gambling problem growing up, but the subplot just reminds me of him. And also of ‘Mad Men,’ which I’m a big fan of. I talk to my daughter about it, and it’s like we’re talking about real people when we talk about the characters.”

Tom Berenger Heads to ‘Major Crimes’

2.05-jackson raydor rusty2 lrSmashingInterviews spoke to Tom Berenger about his role on Major Crimes as Captain Raydor’s estranged husband, and the possibility of his character returning to the show in the future.


Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): You play Capt. Sharon Raydor’s (Mary McDonnell) estranged husband who has a drinking and gambling problem, is that correct?

Tom Berenger: He had a drinking problem. He got over that. I would probably call it a degenerate gambler, but how bad that really is isn’t apparent to me yet although my character is teaching Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) card tricks and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): He is not a good influence on the boy.

Tom Berenger: Right, and he just came back from Las Vegas where he was living, so that’s a little scary that he’s there with a gambling problem (laughs).

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): I assume with only a three-episode arc, there will be some friction between your character and Capt. Raydor?

Tom Berenger: There already has been as per the third episode, and that was totally on a professional level, not personal. He gets on the list for court appointed attorneys and gets a client that the police and, of course, the prosecutor are trying to corner. I don’t want to give it away, but there’s some nefarious stuff going on there on both sides, my part as an attorney and also on her part as well, so it gets pretty intense there. The first two episodes were more comic relief.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Will your character return?

Tom Berenger: They left it open so whatever the writers and producers want to do with that. I’d come back because I had a good time. I enjoyed it. I like the cast and crew, the producers and writers, the whole bunch. It was nice. It’s not easy doing shows like that day in and day out, but I thought everybody was just fabulous.

Read the entire interview here.