MCTV Presents: What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast with Mary McDonnell – #11 – Season Finale Edition

Welcome to Episode 11 of the “‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’ podcast, the podcast devoted to getting an in-depth view at Major Crimes Captain Sharon Raydor by the woman who knows her best, Mary McDonnell.

Recorded with Mary McDonnell. Guest hosted this week by the editor of, Mina Sharpe.

In this episode Mary and Mina discuss the season 5 finale of Major Crimes, Mary (and Sharon’s) take on the events of the finale, and some insight into the season as a whole, and what’s ahead for season 6.

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2 thoughts on “MCTV Presents: What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast with Mary McDonnell – #11 – Season Finale Edition

  1. This was a great podcast! I really appreciate Mary and Mina taking time out of their very busy schedules to keep fans engaged! Thank you

  2. Once again another amazing podcast, Chelsey, Mina and Mary you ladies are just fabulous and truly thank you for taking out the time to put these podcast together it’s very much appreciated. As a fan of Major Crimes and #WWSRD I just love watching the show and listening to each podcast. So glad that Mary gives us such amazing insight on who Sharon Raydor is a woman, mother, friend and a cop. And I’m certainly looking foward to getting to know more about Sharon Raydor as Season 6 plays out. So once again I applaud you 3 ladies for being who you are and that is our behind the scenes hero’s.

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