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Ratings – Major Crimes Wins Night; Scores #6 Spot as Most Watched Cable Series of the Year

By M. Sharpe

314- buzz provenza sanchez sykes lrMajor Crimes remained steady in its first holiday outing of the season, with 3.53 million viewers (and 0.6 18-49) tuning in, winning as the most watched scripted cable offering of the night.

Meanwhile, last week’s episode grew to 6.5 million viewers in Live + 3, a whopping 80% increase over its live numbers, and came in as the third most-watched scripted cable offering of the week, behind only the series finale of Sons of Anarchy and the heavily advertised premiere of The Librarians.

Though Live + 7 data for the winter premiere episode won’t be available till next week, a new report from TiVo shows that over 87% of their viewers watch Major Crimes via DVR, within one week of the original airing. The TiVo report finds that Major Crimes has the highest level of DVR views of all scripted series, broadcast or cable.

people mag ratingsEarlier this week People Magazine reported that Major Crimes was poised to finish the year in the Top Ten Most Watched watched scripted cable series of the year, coming in at number 6. With three episodes left to air this year.  Major Crimes is also finishing the season on a high note within TNT’s own series, rounding out the Top 3 most watched scripted cable offerings from the network, averaging 6.8 million total viewers. In the key 25-54 demo Major Crimes is in fourth place for the network, with 2.0 million total viewers.

Among all viewing platforms (including live + 7 views, DVR Playback, set-top VOD and digital on-demand), Major Crimes numbers continue to grow substantially, with an average of 12.8 million viewers tuning into the show, a massive 200% increase over its live + same day reach, putting it firmly in the top 3 most watched TNT series of the year.

Congrats to the cast and crew of Major Crimes for an amazing year!

Ratings: Major Crimes Wins Night; Finishes Top 3 for the Week

By M. Sharpe

313- flynn raydor lr

With stiff competition from multiple network winter finales, the third episode of the winter run of Major Crimes won the night as the most watched scripted cable offering. In Live + Same Day ratings, the episode was down from last week, with 3.6 million viewers tuning in to see if the friendship between Flynn and Raydor was perhaps something more (the answer was vague, but we think those in favor of “Shandy” got what they were hoping for!). In the 18-49 demographic, the episode drew 0.6 million viewers, down from the previous week but on par with the winter premiere.

Meanwhile, last weeks outing continued to grow in time delayed ratings, bringing in 6.9 million viewers in Live + 3 ratings (up 23%/1.3 million viewers from winter premiere), and 2.1 million adults 25-54 and 1.5 million adults 18-49. This marks an increase in over one million viewers from the same time last season as well.  Last week’s episode finished the week as the third most-watched scripted cable offering, behind only the highly-publicized premiere of The Librarians and the penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy.



Ratings: Major Crimes Rises in Second Winter Outing; Wins Night

By M. Sharpe

312- provenza 4 lrBuilding on momentum from last week’s mid-season premiere, the sophomore outing of Major Crimes episode run saw sharp gains in the ratings over the prior week.  4.2 million total viewers tuned in to see “Dr. Provenza” and company get to the bottom of a murder at a house party, matching the ratings for last year’s 2nd episode of the winter run, and winning the night as the most watched scripted cable offering.  In the 18-49 demographic the episode rose to 0.6 million viewers, still down from the series average of 0.9, but a 20% increase over the prior week. The episode drew 0.9 million viewers in the 25-54 demographic.

UPDATED: In Live + 3, the winter premiere of Major Crimes rose sharply over the live premiere numbers, which were impacted by the holidays and breaking news, bringing in 5.6 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery, a whopping 93% increase. In the key demos, the episode has so far grown to over 1.4 million and 1.9 million adults 18-49 and 25-54, respectively.

315 – “Chain Reaction”

“Chain Reaction” – Monday, Dec. 22, 2014 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

Santa finds himself on the naughty list after robbing a bank, but a Santa flash mob complicates his apprehension and the Major Crimes unit scrambles to figure out how things went so wrong. Sharon’s kids (guest stars Zarah Mahler & Ryan Kennedy) come to town for the holidays while Buzz starts training as a back-up police officer. Lilli Birdsell, Annie Abrams, Carter Hastings and Dawnn Lewis guest star.

Directed by David McWhirter
Written by Kendall Sherwood
Created by James Duff

Production Stills


314 – “Trial By Fire”

“Trial by Fire” – Monday, Dec. 15, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

There is a miscarriage of justice when a gang banger is acquitted of murder and released from custody. Sharon’s ex-husband, Jack Raydor (guest star Tom Berenger) represents the suspect in a subsequent murder. Rusty takes a chance when the guy (guest star Mitch Ryan) he has a crush on visits the station. Jon Tenney, Kathe Mazur, Steve Tom, Jude Ciccolella and Glenn Plummer guest star.

Directed by Stacey K. Black
Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore
Created by James Duff

MCTV Exclusive: Hope for the Holidays – James Duff Previews the ‘Major Crimes’ Winter Return

By M. Sharpe

Major Crimes Executive Producer and Co-Creator James Duff. Photo Credit: Mark Hill, Courtesy TNT

Major Crimes Executive Producer and Co-Creator James Duff. Photo Credit: Mark Hill, Courtesy TNT

With the holidays fast approaching, it seems fitting that the theme for the winter season of Major Crimes is “hope”, and the role it plays in our lives. Executive producer and co-creator James Duff took time out of his busy schedule to talk to MajorCrimesTV.net about how hope can come in so many forms, and how that plays out in the winter run of the show, premiering tonight on TNT.

A mid-season shift in focus to the theme of hope is a natural progression from the theme of “expectations” that characterized the beginning of the season, says Duff. “Our summer episodes were all about expectation and the role that expectation plays in our lives and how the ability to project what happens around the curve is part of what separates us from the animal kingdom. But when that fails, when expectations don’t work out or when you have to fall back on something else, you’re left with hope. And that’s what our last nine episodes are about, and with the holiday season it seems appropriate.”

311- raydor rusty lr

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore, Courtesy TNT

Duff says in keeping with the formula of previous seasons, the upcoming winter episodes will focus more deeply on the personal lives of the squad, while, as always, exploring crimes that often reflect the struggles of the team. First up are Captain Sharon Raydor and Rusty, who, according to Duff, start the winter season off with a big decision – whether or not he will be adopted by Sharon. “He has a mother, he has a mother who is in prison and he has a mother who is difficult and a little complicated and has another mother who just loves him. And so he has a choice to make and hope is a double-edged sword. It is hard to hold onto and it is hard to put down and when it’s all you’ve got, it’s really hard to put down. And we dramatize that in our first episode quite a bit.”   Continue reading