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Ratings: Major Crimes Takes Top Spot as Most Watched Cable Show in Live + 3; Remains Steady Opposite DNC

By M. Sharpe

506- buzz provenza sykes taoMajor Crimes has continued its domination of the summer season, taking the top spot as the most watched cable show last week.  Edging out fellow TNT series Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes brought in 6.16 million viewers in Live + 3 day DVR ratings. That marked an increase of viewers of 66% over the live + same day numbers, as fans of the show caught up with the series throughout the week. Even greater gains were seen in key demographics, where Major Crimes rose a massive 125% to 0.9 million viewers 18-49 years old.

The rest of TNT’s lineup came in behind Major Crimes for the week in Live + 3 day, with The Last Ship (3.644) taking the number 3 spot, trailing behind Rizzoli & Isles (6.15). Murder in the First rounded off the list with 2.32 million viewers, and Animal Kingdom finished the week out of the Top 10.

Last night’s episode of Major Crimes saw slight decline over the prior week, likely due to the record-setting viewership for the Democratic National Convention being aired over multiple cable and broadcast networks. The episode brought in 3.64 million viewers, and was the second most watched scripted offering of the evening. In key demographics, the episode brought in 0.5 million viewers 18-49, steady with it’s season high in the demo from the last few weeks.

Major Crimes returns with an all new episode next Monday at 10pm/9c on TNT





MCTV Exclusive – 506 Sneak Peek – Downton Abbey’s Julian Ovenden Gives Rusty Vlog Advice

After a pair of British tourists are attacked on their second honeymoon in Venice Beach, the Major Crimes team must find the killers before a smug and dashing English journalist (SAG Award Winner Julian Ovenden, Downton Abbey) can damage the reputation of LA’s tourism industry for good.

In the MajorCrimesTV.net exclusive video below, Ovenden’s reporter also has some advice for Rusty on how to get more hits on his vlog, and more.

Major Crimes airs tonight at 10pm/9c on TNT.




506 – “Tourist Trap”

“Tourist Trap” – Monday, July 25, 2016 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)
When a pair of British tourists get attacked on their second honeymoon during a Venice Beach robbery, L.A.’s twenty billion dollar tourist industry is threatened by an English journalist riding their tragedy to a career high. Meanwhile, Rusty’s biological mother tries to make peace with him over her pregnancy.

SAG Award winner Julian Ovenden (of Downton Abbey and the upcoming series, Knights Templar), plays a smug, dashing U.K. reporter with an unshakable faith in his own abilities.

MCTV Exclusive: Inside the Fitting Room with Greg LaVoi – “Cashed Out”

By M. Sharpe

504 costume lavoi1

Major Crimes costume designer Greg LaVoi in the “Edith Head Memorial Fitting Room” at Raleigh Studios

As part of our new weekly series “Inside the Fitting Room” we spoke to Major Crimes costume designer Greg LaVoi to get an inside look at the fashion and costumes behind this weeks episode, “Cashed Out.”

MajorCrimesTV: This episode spent a lot of time jumping back and forth in time. Did that affect how you designed the costumes for the episode?

Greg LaVoi: It was so much fun doing this episode, because of how it was structured. I loved going into and out of the real story and then cutting between those with Cynthia’s interviews with the team. There were no titles on the screen that showed the changing of time like there often are in movies, so the only way we could tell what was happening on which day was with our character’s clothing. The day we filmed with Cynthia (actress Sonya Leslie) was such an important day, and it was fun to be able to film it like that in one day. I wanted the costume changes to be important, and also got to play with some of the looks a little bit since the team wasn’t solving any crime that day, they were just giving interviews.

505- cynthiaIt was most important that Cynthia’s clothing stayed the same and was recognizable to help with the time shifts, so I put her in an ALC print blouse from Neiman Marcus, and a great Tahari flannel suit from Saks.

MCTV: I feel like this episode we saw a glimpse of Sykes more put together than we’ve ever seen her before, with the beautiful tailored suit.

GLV: I’ve had that Theory dress and jacket in Sykes’ closet for four years, and never had an opportunity to have her wear it because she’s always in the field solving crimes. And to me Sykes just wouldn’t wear a dress or skirt when she’s crime solving. So with a leap of faith I added it into the interview day, and I loved it. And that scene with Sykes and Cynthia was amazing. I thought both of them knocked it out of the park, and it was so wonderful to watch Sykes be so powerful in a dress and go toe to toe with Cynthia in pants.

505 - cynthia sykesOne thing that’s so interesting about that scene between Sykes and Cynthia was how their suits wound up looking on the HD camera, and what that can do to colors. The Tahari suit with Cynthia, and the Theory suit on Sykes were almost the same color to the naked eye. When I went onto set and saw how that looked together, I became concerned because I thought they were both going to look like they’re in the same shade of grey. But amazingly enough, with lighting and the HD camera we film with, Sykes’ suit had a lot of blue in the grey, and Cynthia’s was warmer. So Sykes’ suit came off as blue-grey, and Cynthia’s stayed that kind of warm grey. So I was very pleased it came out looking like two very different greys.

MCTV: In that same scene we also saw Amy in heels, which I feel like was also a new thing for her?

GLV:  Sykes had on Manalo pumps. Usually we see her in the stack heeled boots with her pants, which are perfectly correct and true to life for a real cop to wear. I loved being able to put her into a high heel for this episode – not super high, but a simple high heeled Manolo shoe.

505 - armani coat

This Armani jacket features a Bakelite clasp (inset) that is so delicate, the costume department has to remove it anytime it comes off set, goes into storage or gets cleaned.

MCTV: This week we saw one of my personal favorite Raydor jackets, which we’ve seen before in the show, I believe?  Continue reading

Ratings: Major Crimes Continues Summer Season with New Average Highs and Demo Gains

By M. Sharpe

504- flynn provenza raydor sanchez sykes tao lrMajor Crimes continued it’s strong summer showing in last night’s all new episode. Despite across-the-board ratings declines for all outlets due to competition from coverage of the Republican National Convention, Major Crimes saw a slight uptick in viewers 18-49, with 0.5 million viewers in that key demographic turning in. In total viewers, the episode saw a slight dip, with 3.71 million viewers in Live + Same Day delivery.

Last night’s episode was the 2nd most-watched scripted cable offering of the evening, just behind fellow TNT series Rizzoli & Isles (4.05/0.5). Overall, Major Crimes was the 3rd most watched scripted series across all of broadcast and cable for the evening.

Last week’s episode continued to hold steady throughout the week, finishing as the 2nd most watched program of the week amongst all scripted cable programs.

Major Crimes continues to be one of the strongest offerings of TNT’s summer slate, outperforming last weeks episodes of The Last Ship (2.345/0.5), Animal Kingdom (1.25/0.4) and Murder in the First (1.29/0.2) in both total viewers, and finishing well above the network average of 0.42 million viewers in the key 19-49 demographics. In total viewers thus far this season, Major Crimes’ ratings average is outperforming the TNT average by over 50%.


MCTV Exclusive: Major Crimes’ Odd Couple – GW Bailey and Kearran Giovanni Talk Season 5, Relationships and More

By M. Sharpe


After five seasons of Major Crimes, Sykes and Provenza have learned to rely on each other throughout all sort of situations. We spoke to their portrayers, Kearran Giovanni and GW Bailey to get the scoop about this odd-couple’s relationship, and found the great relationship between them extends far past their characters on the show.

MCTV: You guys are about halfway through filming this season. How is it all going?

GW Bailey: All the scenes that Kearran and I are in are quite wonderful. The others…

Kearran Giovanni: We’re not real sure about–

GW: Sort of sucky (laughs) ­

KG: No, we’re having a great time and it’s going well, it’s going swimmingly. By now we’ve got a nice formula going and everyone knows their roles, and–

GW: Yeah, or should! (laughs). We do have… at least it seems to me that Sykes and I are doing more interviews together. We’ve done a few interviews of suspects and witnesses, and it seems to me it’s more than we’ve done before.

MCTV: Sykes and Provenza have always had an interesting dynamic together – do you think that is why?

GW: Well, yeah. It’s always interesting in anything that has partners, it’s always interesting to have opposites…Beauty and the Beast.

(Kearran and GW laugh)

GW: In this case I won’t say which one’s the beauty, but it is Beauty and the Beast, it’s Laurel and Hardy, fat and skinny, I mean, it’s partnerships. It’s interesting, actually…I’m an older white man, she’s a gorgeous young African-American woman. That makes for a visual interest.

KG: Especially from where we started, obviously. Sykes probably wasn’t his favorite person, and now we work really well together.

GW: Exactly. I trust her and like her and it’s good.

MCTV: Speaking to that evolution of KG GW1their relationship, to your minds, how is it that Amy has earned this, this spot with Provenza and his respect after starting off on such rocky footing?

KG: In the beginning, it wasn’t that she didn’t have the drive or the talent or whatever to do well, it was just the way that she went about it. I think she just had to kind of hold her own for a while and show what she really could do the job, and maybe also calm down with her excitement, and then I think he grew to respect her. She’s done a lot, she’s been given a lot of responsibility, she’s taken a lot of responsibility, and she kind of went rogue a few times. And he was one of the ones who always said “Let her do it. She’ll figure it out.” And I did, and I think that’s what garnered that respect.

GW: Well, also, she broke a few rules here and there–not big things, not against the law, but she stretched it and Provenza likes that. A lot. Continue reading

505 – “Cashed Out”

“Cashed Out” – Monday, July 18, 2016 at 10 p.m.
Det. Julio Sanchez’s application to become a foster parent is jeopardized by his reactions to a particularly gruesome murder after the Major Crimes Division finds a chopped up body burned to bits in the barbecue pit of an L.A. Park. Christopher Gorham guest stars.

Directed by Paul McCrane
Written by Ralph Gifford
Created by James Duff




MCTV Exclusive: Inside the Fitting Room with Greg LaVoi – “Skin Deep”

By M. Sharpe

504 costume lavoi1

Major Crimes costume designer Greg LaVoi in his fitting room at Raleigh Studios, with his assistant, Vida.

Armani. St. John. Michael Kors. The labels behind the costumes on Major Crimes are as iconic as some of the looks themselves have proven to be. The man behind these iconic looks is costume designer Greg LaVoi, who, before designing for Major Crimes and The Closer, also put together ensembles for legends like Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and worked for Bob Mackie.  LaVoi invited us into the storied halls of the Major Crimes costume department to take a look behind the scenes, and we are thrilled to announce a new weekly series “Inside the Fitting Room With Greg LaVoi” where we will take a closer look at the labels, looks and behind-the-scenes workings that bring Major Crimes to such vibrant visual life in each week’s episode.

MajorCrimesTV: The last time we spoke to you was in season two, when Major Crimes was just finding its footing. Now that we’re firmly in season five, we’ve seen a lot of evolution of many of the characters. Have their looks and your costume choices evolved?

Greg LaVoi: Really, you know, there has been no evolution per se from The Closer to the fifth season of Major Crimes. Only in the sense that these characters have lived in these clothes for twelve years now. Not the same clothes, but they’ve lived in these characters for twelve years. So short of, this season, with Provenza’s new wife, Patrice, kind of buying his clothes now (per the writers) he’s upped the game a little bit with better sports coats, better ties, and better pocket squares. I haven’t repeated any of his old ties this season at all. It’s all been new. So that’s fun and GW’s enjoyed that because it’s now his “wife” picking his clothes instead of him.

But as far as Flynn, and Sanchez and Sykes and all that, they’re everyday. The characters are not making tons of money, and they’re busy solving crimes, so they can’t go out and buy clothes every other day. We do repeat clothes, as I think the fans enjoy, but other than repeating a look in a different way every so often, I design it like a real person’s wardrobe. So maybe Sykes goes out and buys new Theory jackets and pants when the sales are, or maybe Raydor, when she has the day off, does go to Neiman Marcus and picks an Armani. I design it like a real person would shop and buy their own clothes.

MCTV: You talked about repeating some pieces of costume – how do you choose which ones to recycle and what goes into that decision of what becomes part of that rotation for that character?

GLV: Usually, on the rotation factor, it is what an actor likes. I do take them into account when I’m repeating clothes. Sometimes I might use a jacket for Sharon, and we’ve liked how it looks but it turns out to be uncomfortable to wear. Or on Sykes this year she’s gotten new Theory stretch pants, which look exactly like suit pants, but they’re easier to move in.

costume tease

The Major Crimes “gold” room features all the regular wardrobe of the main cast, which is often repeated in rotation throughout the season and over several seasons. Other rooms house an array of costume options for guest actors, and storage for pieces that are on hold from use in prior episodes.

Some things, like the purple jackets on Mary, which have become iconic, I’ve retired both of them now, just because they’re getting worn, and their time is gone. So now I’m looking for new iconic pieces for her, which is a challenge. We have an area in the costume closet called “Show Holds”, so I always look at that to see what episode I’ve put maybe the one purple jacket in, then I may not repeat it again until, you know, four episodes ahead, or whatever. It really is a game of numbers. Looking to see which ties I’ve used, and oftentimes I don’t repeat a tie each season, but I also don’t buy a lot of new ties for the guys because they’ve got huge stacks of ties from twelve years. Continue reading