MCTV Exclusive: Notes from the Writers Room- Duppy Demetrius

By M. Sharpe


Major Crimes staff writer and co-executive producer Duppy Demetrius preparing to “break” Major Crimes episode 203 “Under the Influence”. Photo used with permission.

Navigating the path of changing a character from an antagonist that audiences loved to hate, to a protagonist that people would root for in the course of a few short seasons was no easy task. But according to writer and co-executive producer Duppy Demetrius, the key to Sharon Raydor’s transition to the center of Major Crimes had a lot to do with family. “The whole Rusty thing was a big boon for that. Just seeing her compassion with Rusty, and her being motherly, and getting the backstory with her husband and her kids helped the audience see her in a different light. I think we’ve done a good job, and the reaction has been spectacular.”

Off-screen, Demetrius credits another family with making the transition from The Closer to Major Crimes such a triumph- the team of writers who have worked together for over seven years. “Luckily our writing staff hasn’t had any changes since season three of The Closer. That’s when several of us hopped on. There really hasn’t been any turnaround since- the only reason people have left is because they’ve gone off to do their own show. Everybody going in (to Major Crimes) knew how to write for Sharon. When I first started on The Closer, it was a question of how polite was too polite to write Brenda- but there weren’t any of those issues with Sharon because we all had lived with her for three years. There was no learning curve on how to do her voice, or how she would handle a situation with these adversities against her. It wasn’t an issue.” Continue reading

Q & A With Major Crimes’ Kathe Mazur

By M.L. Sharpe

Introduced in season five of The Closer, Kathe Mazur’s character Deputy DA Andrea Hobbs tended to have an adversarial relationship with Brenda Leigh Johnson, who often perceived her presence as hindering with her investigations. However on Major Crimes, Sharon Raydor has been quick to embrace Hobbs’ presence, and has rapidly learned to utilize her skills and position in the DA’s office to help solve their cases, as well as being an ally when it comes to dealing with the situation with Rusty.

In this exclusive interview with, Kathe took time out of her busy hiatus schedule to answer a few questions about the transition from The Closer to Major Crimes, Hobbs’ relationship with the rest of the team, and about her other major role, as an award-winning narrator of audio books.


Season 1:
(Click on the title for more information and photo galleries for each episode)

101- Reloaded
102- Before and After
103- Medical Causes
104- The Ecstasy and the Agony
105- Citizen’s Arrest
106- Out of Bounds
107- The Shame Game
108- Dismissed With Prejudice
109- Cheaters Never Prosper
110- Long Shot

Season 2: 

201- Final Cut
202- False Pretenses
203- Under the Influence
204- I, Witness
205- D.O.A.
206- Boys Will Be Boys
207- Rules of Engagement
208- The Deep End
209- There’s No Place Like Home
210- Backfire
211- Poster Boy
212- Pick Your Poison

213- Jailbait
214- All In
215- Curve Ball
216- Risk Assessment
217- Year-End Blowout
218- Return to Sender, Part 1
219- Return to Sender, Part 2

Season 3:

301- Flight Risk
302- Personal Day
303- Frozen Assets
304- Letting It Go
305- Do Not Disturb
306- Jane Doe #38
307- Two Options
308- Cutting Loose
309- Sweet Revenge
310- Zoo Story
311-  Down the Drain
312- Party Foul
313- Acting Out
314- Trial by Fire
315- Chain Reaction
316- Leap of Faith
317- Internal Affairs
318- Special Master, Pt 1
319- Special Master, Pt 2

Season 4

401- A Rose is a Rose
402- Sorry I Missed You
403- Open Line
404- Turn Down
405- Snitch
406- Personal Effects
407- Targets of Opportunity
408- Hostage of Fortune
409- Wish You Were Here
410- Fifth Dynasty
411- Four of a Kind
412- Blackout
413- Reality Check
414- Taking the Fall
415- Jumping Off Point