Summer Finale and Winter Season Spoilers

2.03-35-raydor rustyA new article at TVGuide sheds some light on where Rusty’s story might be heading on Major Crimes, as well as what might be next for Sharon Raydor. Warning: Contains Spoilers.

“As on-screen threats against the teen murder witness intensify, could Rusty’s days come to an end on the TNT drama’s August 19 summer finale?

“Rusty is in a lot of jeopardy,” confirms executive producer James Duff. “There’s a major turn in his story as we kick it up a notch in terms of what this boy must suffer. And there’s a very good chance that his actions in the past will come back to bite him.” Rusty’s fate — death, or perhaps a transfer to the witness-protection program — will go unresolved until the series returns this winter, at which time Sharon will consider divorcing her absentee husband.

The finale also features an Andrew Cunanan-like killer, a sicko named Brandon North, “who comes to Los Angeles to audition for a male-model reality show called Poster Boy,” says Duff. “When that doesn’t [turn out well], something snaps.”‘