An Open Letter to TNT President Kevin Reilly Regarding the Season 6 Renewal of Major Crimes

By Mina Sharpe, Editor -


An Open Letter to TNT President Kevin Reilly Regarding the Season 6 Renewal of Major Crimes

Mr. Reilly,

Firstly, let me say welcome, and congratulations on taking over as President of TNT. I’m sure the transition has been trying, and I know it must be satisfying to see the fruits of your first development year finally reaching the airwaves. While you continue to develop your slate for next year and beyond, I wanted to take a moment to talk about one thing that hasn’t been addressed yet for next season – the renewal of Major Crimes.
While you prepare to launch your new shows, and have been busy organizing the renewal of Animal Kingdom and The Last Ship, fans have noticed that announcements regarding the future of Major Crimes have been alarmingly absent. And as the summer finale of Major Crimes prepares to air tonight, I wanted to reach out to you and make a few points about why Major Crimes has been, and continues to be an asset to TNT, and as such, suggest why it more than deserves a season 6 renewal.

1. Ratings
I know that TV is a numbers game, and that decisions regarding renewal are ultimately about finances, advertisers and ratings. So first and foremost, here are some numbers I ask you keep in mind as you consider the future of Major Crimes. While your publicity department hasn’t shared any multi-platform numbers from this season (or for that matter, almost any of the numbers for Major Crimes performance this season) has been keeping track of the numbers that have been released from other sources, and has noticed a few important trends about Major Crimes performance this season worth bringing to your attention.

        • While the rest of your slate has seen double-digit losses in their average viewership from 2015 to 2016 (The Last Ship: -24%, The Librarians: -45%, Murder in the First: – 33%)1 Major Crimes has been the only TNT series (aside from the now-defunct Rizzoli & Isles) to grow from 2015, adding 5% total viewers this season over last year. While this increase, and the ratings as a whole for Major Crimes have always been very strong (last year it was the #1 program on your network, and has never fallen below 2nd place as the most-watched program on TNT), this summer’s growth has been all the more impressive because of several unique factors.
        • In moving to 10PM this year for the first time, Major Crimes entered a time slot which traditionally brings in close to 30% less viewers than the 9PM hour. Despite the time change, the vast majority of the audience has followed the show to the new time, and this season’s premiere outperformed the season premiere of Rizzoli & Isles, despite the latter taking over the Monday at 9pm time slot Major Crimes held for its first four seasons.
        • In terms of the 10pm time slot as a whole, Major Crimes is vastly outperforming all nine TNT scripted series which have held a 10pm time slot since 2012. Major Crimes season 5 average in the 18-49 demographic is currently performing over 41% better than the final season average any of the other series TNT has had at 10pm in the last four years. In total viewers, Major Crimes is performing 131% better than the average of all other TNT series in the 10pm slot since its inception, including Proof, King & Maxwell, Falling Skies, Legends, Monday Mornings, Perception, Public Morals, Transporter, and Franklin & Bash, all series which are no longer airing.2
        • Compared to TNT’s only other 10pm show this season, Murder in the First, Major Crimes performance is even more impressive, with growth of 95% in key demographics over Murder in the First’s viewership. In total viewers, Major Crimes easily more than doubles its viewers over Murder in the First, growing 171% over the latter’s numbers.
        • This retention of viewers for Major Crimes, even with the move to 10pm, is even more impressive when you take into account that for the 12 episodes of the season so far that have aired, four of those have been up against major special events airing live which impacted ratings across the board for all other shows on cable and broadcast, including the Olympics, the Democratic National Convention, the Republican National Convention, and most recently, the first Monday Night Football game of the season.
          Despite these challenges, Major Crimes has also spent the entire summer season as one of the top three most watched series of the week across all of cable, trading the top spot with Rizzoli and Isles for the past 8 weeks.
        • In time delayed viewing, Major Crimes has consistently been at the top of the rankings this season across all cable channels for the Most Total Viewers, Greatest Gains in Total Viewers, and Greatest Gains in Key Demographics in both Live + 3 day and Live + 7 day delivery, rising an average of 80% over Live + Same Day to close to 7 million viewers per episode. While multi-platform views for the series have not been made available by TNT this season, we can extrapolate from these numbers that Major Crimes reaches at least 10 million viewers per episode when all linear, mobile and digital platforms are taken into account.

2. Honoring a Rich Legacy
Mr. Reilly, I know you’ve said that you want to change TNT, make it edgier, more cutting edge, more Breaking Bad-ier. But in the process of changing TNT to be what you want it to be, you seem to have forgotten everyone who has made TNT what it is – one of the most watched cable networks.

704-4-Kyra Sedgwick and Mary McDonnell -ph Karen Neal_21142_004_0332_RTNT has become that powerhouse because it has attracted a loyal viewership over the years, largely forged by a show which not only put TNT on the map, but has been credited as one of the forces which helped to create the rich landscape that cable has become for serious, ground breaking series like The Shield, Walking Dead, and yes, Breaking Bad. That series? The Closer, from which Major Crimes was spun off. The Closer helped put TNT on the map, earned it several of its very first Emmy nominations, and brought in an audience which is still present today, as well as being credited to create the very thing that many of your series have taken such advantage of: redefining viewership habits to embrace off-season placement of shows.3 That’s a legacy to be proud of, and one I hope you take into consideration when making decisions about Major Crimes.

Again, I understand wanting to move forward, create new shows, push the envelope. But surely alienating the core viewers of your network, who still turn up in droves for your Law & Order, Castle and Bones reruns, by removing the last of the crime procedurals they’re come to embrace your network for isn’t the best way of going about retaining, much less building an audience.

3. Embracing Diversity
tao sykes sanchez gallery colorThe entertainment landscape has been abuzz the last few years with discussion about diversity, and inclusiveness in casting. On the television landscape, it has been a constant topic, and came up in virtually every session of the recent fall Television Critics Association presentations. The theme tends to be the same: diversity is a huge issue, and most shows say they want to do better, but rarely do. While Major Crimes isn’t only show on television today with a commitment to diversity, it often does not get the credit it deserves for making diversity a foregone conclusion of the show, instead of being an issue to be fixed. Indeed just last week Major Crimes was also honored for the Imagen Award for the Best Drama Series, praising its portrayal of Latinos on TV.4

In addition to its longstanding commitment to racial diversity within the regular and supporting cast, Major Crimes has also been awarded for its portrayal of youth, LGBT and social issues on television. For five seasons viewers have seen the character of Rusty Beck go from being a homeless teen forced to hustle on the streets in order to survive, to coming to terms with his sexuality, to finding his way in a mature same sex relationship. Last year The Advocate called Rusty Beck “one of the most complex, fleshed-out, confusing, maddening, hopeful, and loving gay characters we’ve ever seen on cable TV”.5

422-gus rusty lrHomelessness is another social issue that Major Crimes has repeatedly explored in its stories, and last year Covenant House held a special gala to honor Major Crimes for bringing greater attention to the issue of homelessness and human trafficking.6

Behind the camera Major Crimes has also shown commitment to diversity, by hiring several female and ethnically diverse directors each season.

2.11-provenza raydor tao lrMajor Crimes also embraces a different kind of diversity, in Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell). Raydor is inarguably the lead of the show, and in a Hollywood environment where one can count on one hand the number of actresses over 50 leading their own shows, Major Crimes is notable for having a the lead of the show, and the team, be a mature, kick-ass woman. The audience has grown to love the level headedness, compassion and experience Raydor possess, and together with Lt.’s Flynn (Tony Denison), Provenza (GW Bailey) and Tao (Michael Paul Chan), the series has bucked the long-standing Hollywood trend that actors past 60 are “past their prime”. The range that McDonnell and the cast brings to the show attracts a diverse range of viewers that defies one specific age, ethnicity or political point of view.

4. Honesty in Storytelling
Likewise, in a climate where the institution of the police has been beset with controversy, Major Crimes continues to tell important and timely stories without bias, due to its level-headed approach to storytelling. Police brutality, mass shootings, officer involved shootings and many more issues have been dramatized over the last few seasons, but instead of sensationalizing these acts, Major Crimes has succeeded in presenting them to the viewers without agenda, and letting the stories and actions speak for themselves.

In 2013 Major Crimes became the first-ever TV series to be honored by the Los Angeles Police Reserve foundation for their “commitment to the LAPD and the Community” and for “realistic and judicious presentation of the LAPD and Command Staff.”7 Since 2013, Major Crimes has continued to be honored at, and be part of, the LAPD Reserve Foundation’s Annual Gala, further underlining the positive relationship that exists between the Law Enforcement community and the show.

504- flynn morales raydor lrMr. Reilly, I could go on, cite more examples for why Major Crimes is exemplary programming that deserves to be renewed for another season, such as the Prisim Award bestowed on the series for its truthful portrayal of drug addiction. Or point out that in a TV landscape where multi-screen experiences and viewer engagement are no longer just buzzwords, but real and necessary parts of the effort to hold onto viewers in an increasingly fractured television landscape, Major Crimes is the only one of your shows that makes the effort to create additional content for the internet by way of Rusty’s Vlogs and the weekly Facebook chats where the actors and creative team engage and converse with fans. And new this year, a podcast hosted by Mary McDonnell with frequent guests from both in front of and behind the camera at Major Crimes, discussing the characters and themes of the show, generating even more positive engagement with viewers.

I’m hoping, as the head of the network, you already know all this. And I’m hoping that a renewal announcement is coming soon, and that I’m just being a bit impatient.

But in case I’m not, I’ll offer one parting thought to everything I’ve written above. Despite its success, in absence of much formal promotional support, we the viewers of Major Crimes are used to having to advocate for the show by creating word-of-mouth within our circle of friends, and finding new and creative ways to show our support. itself was born of the desire to pick up where official promotion left off, along with fan groups, message boards and Facebook pages, not to mention countless efforts by the actors and crew of the show itself by way of the aforementioned chats and podcasts, as well as personal appearances and other engagement far above and beyond what is normally seen or expected by almost any type of TV program. And those efforts have been wildly successful, keeping Major Crimes as one of the most-watched shows of your network. And we’re all still here, supporting the show, and by extension, you and TNT. The numbers reflect it. The recognition reflects it. We reflect it.

Pushing for edgier, flashier fare is great. I look forward to seeing what new shows you bring to TNT in the future. But I urge you to take a closer look at what you already have at your network, quietly already doing all the things you want all of your new shows to do. Look at that. Think about that. And then renew Major Crimes for season 6.


M. Sharpe

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      It’s literally the only show I “watch by appointment.”

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    • Please renew Major Crimes. This is one of the best shows on television. I am,able to watch it with anyone and not be embarrassed by X rated scenes. It is entertaining, thought provoking, diverse, and has a strong woman in charge. It’s awesome television! Plus, you cannot leave us hanging. What happens to Andy? We want Shandy to get married. We need to see how far Rusty goes in his successes. Who is permanently taking over for chief Taylor? What about Sanchez helping more children? I could go on and on. Renew Major Crimes please.

    • I want to start out by saying that I have been tuning into see how many of the characters on Major Crimes will grow from season to season when many of them were involved in the Closer. When the Closer came to an end I thought I would never like Major Crimes nearly as much but I have to say it gets better and better every season.
      Please don’t cancel the show I have never written any kind of letter like this before for any show but this one it totally worth my time to do so any of the numerous fans like me who have been enjoying this great show from the start I am sure feel the same way.

      • The Best show. First,The Closer,now,Major Crimes. Please this keep this great show on TNT

    • I have been a committed viewer first of “The Closer”, and then “Major Crimes” as a spin off. While I do have DVR, Major Crimes is a program that I am so excited to watch live, it is an event. I still DVR the program, and sometimes will watch again to make sure I do not miss the fun little stuff that can whiz by.

    • Please Renew Major Crimes and my family and I look forward to watching this show every summer since it premiered. It is one of our favorite TNT dramas. Once again we will be throughly disappointed if it is not renewed.
      Benita T.
      Matthew G.

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    • Please renew Major Crimes. When does the next season starts? Can’t wait!!!


    • Why would u cancel another great show? This is so real and wonderful to watch. Just because the young kids want to watch stupid zombie crap does not mean the rest of us do or that stupid real tv crap. We love this show. If u take it away like Rizzoli and Isles I promise to never watch your channel again. Yes I am older but I do pay to watch ypur channel. More so then the ones u want to watch. Even my college kids love this show. So u all better stop and think, if u can, and not cancel this show or u r gonna lose alot of viewers. TNT use to b my favorite channel but will not b watched in my home if u remove our show.

    • I love this show please do not cancel it. I am still not happy that you cancelled Rizzoli & Isles.

    • Keep major crimes one of the best shows on tv. Please listen to the people for once.

    • We began watching the Closer,enjoyed it, then when Major Crimes began, we really were moved by each story and salute the writers of this one and only program on each subject and exciting story. We love each of the characters like family, record and watch it several times over each episode, it is just the very best program on TV now,Cpt Sharon Raydor is one awesome lady! Please do not change this programming! We very much love the Rusty line and how it has evolved, would love to see more of Dr Joe character.

    • Major Crimes is actually better than The Closer. The storylines and characters are much more realistic. The writers have done a superb job with this show. Try different time slots, if you must, but please do not cancel it.

    • I love this show. I even watch it on demand so I can see it more than once a week. Please don’t take it off.

    • I look so forward to seeing Major Crimes each season it’s on. It’s one of my very favorites. Love the way the writers wrote the story line for this season. Was hurt when Chief Taylor was killed and ended with Lt. Flynn in a medical crisis. Am so ready for the new season to begin but have not seen its renewal anywhere. Do renew it. Ratings have been high for this show. Don’t believe it will be a mistake not to renew Major Crimes. Won’t be watching TNT anymore if Major Crimes isn’t renewed.

    • Love Major Crimes and want many, many more fantastic episodes as we’ve had thru the seasons!! Thumbs up to all the actors….

    • Renew this show! I don’t understand why there’s even a hesitation!!! All this other garbage constantly stays on the air but here you have a smart, diverse, interesting cast with interesting storylines. RENEW RENEW RENEW!
      Why do we have to beg???

    • My family and I have watched Major Crimes since it began, and had hoped to watch it in the years to come. It is a wonderful show, that should not be replaced by a new show just for the he’ll of it. If something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. I advise you to stop while you’re ahead.

    • Renew Major Crimes it is a very good show. My family loves it and all the cast. Please and Thank you

    • OMG! Please don’t cancel this show!!! It’s one of my few favorites and I so look forward to it each season! Never missed an episode. I feel like I need to know what’s going on during off season! Lol

    • Please don’t cancel Major Crimes. I am too invested in the characters. They do a wonderful job addressing the concerns of today.

    • One of the best shows of TV. Started with “The Closer” .Watched every Ep. . Was skeptical about “Major Crimes”. It’s even better. You have a great formula, a great cast. Keep it going.. “Major Crimes”!

    • This is one of the best shows on tv! I look forward to it every season!!! Please renew it!!!

    • Please continue Major Crimes Without a doubt the best of it,s kind I live in the Netherlands and have to pay to see it and I gladly do so , so please another season soon

    • Major Crimes is great please don’t cancel it. I still want to know what happens with the characters

    • My daughter and I both watch Major Crimes. She is 49 and I am 70. We discuss over the phone every week. Please do not cancel this great show.

    • This is one of the best shows on TV today- writing, directing, and the ensemble cast is outstanding. Please do not take this awesome, award-winning show away. I have never understood the decision to cancel shows which maillions love…but enough is enough…. Please try listening to your consumers for a change! Thank you.

    • I have been a fan of the show since day 1 of The Closer and now Major Crimes is my favorite! We want these characters to keep going!!!! I have purchased DVDs and streaming subscriptions just to have access to this show. Please renew Major Crimes! We never want to say goodbye- they have lots more stories to tell!
      Jill in Minnesota

    • Please don’t cancel the show, there are many more stories to tell. Thanks for taking the time time to read all of the posts.


    • I really look forward to this show and would really miss it! I don’t watch a lot of TV but I think it is a very well written and acted show, the characters are compelling and enjoyable! Please don’t cancel it!

    • Please renew Major Crimes! It is one of a very few really great shows. I would really love to see more episodes in each season. Can’t get enough of it!!

    • Major Crimes is 1 of the best shows on television. The way it mixes drama and humor is brilliant. The actors are a unique blend who bring so much to this show. Please renew Major Crimes.

      D. Goretski

    • MAJOR CRIMES is my #1 of ALL TIME SHOW !! I Look forward to each show every season!!
      I’m a LOYAL VIEWER & will be Deeply saddened if it’s cancelled!! Please keep it going

    • Major Crimes is one of the few shows my husband and I look forward to watching. We enjoy the reruns as well. Each character is unique and no matter which one is being highlighted, we enjoy the show! Please, please renew it!

    • Both “The Closer” & “Major Crimes” have been my favorite shows ever. Please renew!

    • Please renew one of the best shows on TV. It is a show that takes the time to show in detail the consequences of crime and the effect on victims and how Law Enforcement Officers feel when they have to unravel the mess they encounter at crime scenes. And with a little bit of humor to balance the horror that they see. I really love all the characters and it gives me a healthy respect of our REAL LIFE law enforcement officers out there daily. Thank You.

    • Please keep MAJOR CRIMES on…..I anxiously await it’s chunk of episodes the several times it is on every year……

    • PLEASE renew Major Crimes! I have watched this show since its inception with Kyra Sedgewick and really didn’t know how I would take the transformation into Sharon Rader, but I absolutely LOVE this show!! I get excited when they show the extra shows during Christmas time!! We watch a lot of shows on TBS and hopefully Major Crimes will continue to be one of those shows! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE renew Major Crimes – for a long, long time!!!

    • Renew Major Crimes, please. It makes other programmes pale into insignificance. Hard hitting, relevant, emotional, funny -it ticks all the boxes. And no other programme has characters with such depth.
      Please done lose your biggest asset.

    • You relly have to renew for season 6. This is the best show ever. Please just renew because , this show have a dip soul and its very important story the tell about the actors life , . Rusty have shon so mutch to the young peopel that everyting is posebole so just renew know , the writers is keep going to tell imprtent things. Thanks !!!!!

    • I am SHOCKED to hear there is a possibility of this show not being renewed!!!!??? It’s fantasticly done!!!
      You MUST RENEW!!

    • Love this show always look forward to it also like 1000pm time slot. Renew Renew. Great story lines

    • Major Crimes deserves to be renewed. Our family far and wide watch it. Thank you for the years of enjoyment we have had and keep it on the air.

    • Hope Major Crimes is renewed, one of my favorite shows….have watched since the beginning….please don’t cancel….

  1. It’s a great show. It’s on early 7 pm in Calif. but you just make sure that the time is marked off for the show. Because don’t bother me at 7 pm

    • One of my favorite shows, Major Crimes is well-written and a talented cast. It needs to be renewed asap.

    • I’ve been watching this show since it started out as The Closer, and I don’t watch many shows, but this has been my favorite from the very beginning!! I’m a 70 year old divorced woman and I record Major Crimes, so if you prefer to show it at 10pm, that’s fine, I’ll just get to watch it the next day, but would prefer it to be in it’s original time slot of 9 pm! Regardless, just please keep the show on the air, and please don’t kill Andy!! I love the love story on the side. Thanks.

    • HAve been watching major crimes since it began. Great ensemble cast, great stories and a consistantly excellant show. Please renew, the ratings whether it is live, live+3 or live +7 support renewal. It outperforms any of the already renewed shows. THe fan base is loyal, don’t leave them wondering to long. #RenewMajorCrimesS6

  2. Major Crime has been watched by my family since “The Closer” It has a diverse group of performers and you cannot tell the end until you reach it.I hope it will continue for future seasons to come

  3. Yes on Major Crimes. My favorite after NCIS & Grimm.
    Wish you’d pickup Grimm & renew it for 7th season.
    I quit watching when one of the characters used the Lord’s name in vain. I draw the line at people saying “Jesus Christ” when they are angry…this was the straw…..

  4. Please keep this show we love it here! I DVR it on Mondays cause the hubby watches RAW and when that’s over I’m tuning in. I didn’t think I would like it after the Closer but it is so well written I fell in love and now Rizzoli and Isles is gone i will be heartbroken if this goes too listen to your loyal fans we want something good not this reality crap

  5. I agree wholeheartedly and couldn’t have said it better. Major Crimes is the best tv show on all of tv.

  6. Please, please, please renew this show! I never miss it. It is the best show on television. I’ve watched it since the very beginning. I will be heartbroken if it is not renewed.

  7. I never miss Major Criimes – I watch the reairings in addition to the first run showings. I also buy the DVD sets each year and buy a season pass from Amazon. Please reward my and other Major Crimes fan support by renewing the show for a Season 6.

    • Please renew Major Crimes for season 6 ! This is one of my most favorite show and I would really be upset if it was not renewed . I was so discusted that Rizzoli and Isles was taken from us. If you take this one from us I will never watch any show on their station and thats a fact .

      • I love major crimes please don’t cancel you already too closer and rizzolI and isles off of the air in love major crimes

      • Please do not cancel Major Crimes I love this show look forward to watching every week…great stories , love characters & actors.

    • Please don’t make the mistake A&E did with Longmire. It was their most popular and highest rated show, and some little idiot(s) made the decision to cancel, because they wanted shows aimed at a “younger demographic”! And look how that worked for them! I’ve never watched another thing on A&E, I was so angry about the loss of a decent show for such a stupid reason.
      Major Crimes is excellent in every way, at least in the opinion of this viewer, and everyone I know, male and female, young and old, watches it. There is so much mind-numbing dreck on TV, that Major Crimes is like a sign that all is not lost ! Please renew it

      • I concur, wholly. I hardly ever check to see what’s on A&E; essentially, A&E is dead to me. We love Major Crimes and the efforts of all involved with its production, as well as their commitment to its fans.

    • I love Major Crimes and all the cast are perfect. So believable in their parts. I also watch Murder in the First, The Last Ship. I watched and loved Rizzoli and Isles and will miss them. I watched Proof, Falling Skies, Perception, Transporter. Please keep Major Crimes in production.

  8. It was bad enough to lose Rizzoli & Isles. Major Crimes is must-see TV. If this show goes too, so do I.

    • I agree that if you take away Major Crimes that I won’t have any reason to watch TNT. I lost Rizzoli & Isles and it would be the end of the viewership for me to lose Major Crimes also.

    • Fantastic series; deserves renewal; above and beyond commitment from cast & production to engage fans; beautiful portrayal of human interaction , compassion, and struggle. Without a doubt, a quality series. Thanks for writing this lettee.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments. Everyone of my friends is a fan of Major Crimes. They have covered all the bases of the USA’s current issues and have done so in a very professional manner. Your writers are to be commended, as well as the entire cast of this program. We certainly hope that it will be on the schedule for the upcoming seasons of TNT.

    Janelle Haley

  10. We love Major Crimes and would love to see it renewed. The time slot doesn’t make a difference to us. We have lost so many of our favorite shows we don’t want to loose Major Crimes too!

  11. Please renew Major Crimes. It’s one of the best written and best acted shows on TV. It’s a much watch show for me.

  12. I have watched The Closer from the 1st episode and own every season on Dvd, I love it and very much love it’s spin off of Major Crimes. Also have the 1st 3 seasons of other on dvd and will slowly get the rest add I Can. I truely enjoy this show and have for many years sat with TNT on all day. I deeply believe that this program is very well written and takes on many important issues. The Actors and actresses are all amazingly talented most defenitly please renew Major Crimes. I promise you will not be disappointed in viewer numbers if you continue this series!

  13. Major Crimes is the last of the procedural shows on cable that isn’t just into the sex and gore (i.e. Murder in the First). I want to watch a show that can still tell a story, with some parts left to my imagination. That is what made The Closer such a wonderful program, and when it became Major Crimes, it became a completely different wonderful program. I believe the production company deserves another season, there are still many stories to tell.

  14. Please please renew Major Crimes for a sixth season. I am an avid fan. It is the best program on tv!

  15. Major Crimes is one of the best shows on TV. Please renew this show, I look forward each week to watching. All the actors are great.

  16. My husband and I look forward to watching Major Crimes. We have been big fans since it first aired. Please renew it for the next season. I’m sure there are a lot more loyal fans that enjoy this show also. Thank you so much for having such great shows in your line up.

  17. I have been watching this great show from the beginning..the writing is incredible. Drama but with a bit of humor. There just aren’t very many wonderful shows left. I actually watch PBS more than anything except for a few shows left on regular TV…Major Crimes is one of those shows. I’ve talked about it so much that many of my family and friends now watch it too. Please, please let us keep enjoying television shows that are well written and acted!!!!!

  18. I am an avid Major Crimes watcher, and was a The Closer watcher before that. These 2 shows have a crossover of the same core of actors and the same writers and therefore plots and storylines. It is gritty police work on subjects that are raw and in your face but handled in such a way that you the viewer come away having to think and feel about the subject matter and it is all handled by a blend of ethnicities so the viewer gets a panoramic sense of “solving of the crime” each week. Please don’t drop this great program from your lineup and bring Major Crimes Season 6 back.

  19. Please renew. I am already heartbroken Rozzoli/Isles is gone. Major Crimes is my favorite Summer Show! I look
    forward to this show. Also find it in your power to also bring back Rozzoli/Isles!

  20. Please renew Major Crimes for another season. Since taking Rizzoli and Isles off, this is the only show that I follow week after week without fail. I look forward to it every week. Please, please, please renew the show. There is nothing else worth watching as far as I am concerned.

  21. Love this show! Major Crimes has definitely become my favorite law enforcement show ever! With such a strong cast, if just can’t miss! The story lines are the best. I look forward to watching every week. Please be sure to retain the great show!!

  22. I would be crushed if Major Crimes didn’t return. I am an avid fan never miss an episode. Best show on TV!

  23. I have watched this great drama since the beginning it’s been great to watch it’s the highlight of my Mondays please please renew for 5 more seasons it here is a lot of value in the show i am a criminal justice professor and my classes have watched the show for extra credit and a learning tool please renew thank you faithful fan

  24. I never miss Major Crimes. The show IS AWESOME, all the characters are believable and compliment each other. I like the fact that the show is still great w/o having the female law enforcement personnel with low cut, see thru blouses ( which in my opinion is unrealistic ) and the actors are not in their 20s, i could go on, but won’t , M. Scott put into words what i, and a lot of MC fans feel. I applaud M. Scott!! And Whose idea was it to chg the time slot?

  25. We have enjoyed The Closer, and then Major Crimes. We watch the re-runs, and record them also. If your decision is not to renew, you will be cancelling the best show on television. Please re-new this show!!!

  26. I never, ever miss Major Crimes. I watch the repeats, I dvr it so I can rewatch the entire season in one marathon binge. I follow the show & each cast member on multiple social media sites. This is the *best* show on tv! Please, please renew Major Crimes for season 6. Major Crimes IS the reason I watch TNT.

  27. I started watching “The Closer” from the very beginning. I will never say “thank you “in quite the same way ever again. And when I say it, everyone knows who said it. Major Crimes has followed seamlessly with the excellent inside look at solving crimes. They do it in a way people can understand, but, dear Lt. Tao, puts in all the technical babble for those that miss CSI. THIS IS THE ONLY SHOW I WATCH ON WOUR NETWORK. Without it, I have no reason to come here.

  28. This is a of the few excellent, quality shows on TV today. There aren’t many. Please keep this show on the air! The stories are unsurpassed and the actors are without equal! Please keep Major Crimes on TV and on TNT!

  29. I never miss an episode since the show started. All the characters feel like family. You feel their pain and joy…you laugh and have tears with them.

  30. I have never watched Last Ship, The Librarians , or Murder in the First, but I never miss Major Crimes! You canceled Rizzoli and Isles which was a great show.

    Please renew Major Crimes so I can keep tuning into TNT.


  31. We watch every week and sincerely hope you continue this wonderful series. murder in the First we watched also! Keep them both coming!

  32. Major Crimes is a great show. It covers many situations that face us everyday. The cast is well put together. I began watching the Closer which was a favorite of mine . Please keep Me Crimes on.

  33. I agree with everything M. Sharpe has written about renewing for another year the TNT crime drama Major Crimes! An excellent series I have followed from the beginning show it was spun off from, The Closer! I especially like it’s diverse cast!! Please renew for a season 6!

  34. This just made my decision easier…..I am canceling my direct tv and will not watch any commercial tv…….can’t afforded it any way…only kept it around for Major Crimes……favorite tv show…

  35. First, I hate that we have to beg for you to continue with Major Crimes BUT beg I will do. This show is phenomenal and the entire cast is wonderful. I understand that you want to make some changes BUT don’t cut your entire audience out. You should want to please the people that are faithful to this show. I hope you listen and hear how much this show is loved. Thank you.

  36. Before The Closer, I really didn’t war check TNT. The programming did not interest. Then I started watching The Closer and I was hooked. Rizzoli & Isles came along and I never missed an episode, always re-watch in the repeats. It broke my heart when The Closer was not renewed… but I came to like Major Crimes even better! Many others are also big fans of Major Crimes. PLEASE do not cancel Major Crimes!

  37. Love MAJOR CRIMES for all the reasons mentioned by Sharpe! Each individual character is unique & diverse! I look forward to watching new episodes along with reruns. This quality is hard to find & now standing alone, sadly, with the departure of RIZZOLI & ISLES.

  38. I’ve been a fan of the show since the first episode of the Closer! It’s a show that always leaves me anxious to catch the next episode. I’ll always be a fan of the show, but I would love to see more episodes than 12 a season. Please renew and if possible, expand the season. The talent is one of the best ensemble casts on any network today.

  39. Loved The Closer, sad but it ended but so happy Major Crimes started!! I have not missed an episode!! Sharon Raydor is one of the strongest female role models we have on TV!!!! The story line is awesome. Losing Rizzoli & Isles was hard loved that show also. Major Crimes has many more seasons and as many fans to watch!!!!! DON’T RUIN my TNT!!!!!!! Please renew Major Crimes!!!!

  40. Renew major crimes for a 6 season, this a very amazing shows that deals with many different situationsmm in every age group with a few laughs. This truly is a show that should continue for many more seasokn

  41. Renew major crimes for a 6 season, this a very amazing shows that deals with many different situationsmm in every age group with a few laughs. This truly is a show that should continue for many more season.

  42. Major Crimes is a well-written show with a talented cast. Each episode is intricately woven to a larger story that brings on a surprise! Keep it coming…, I can’t wait for Season 6. Renew the show already!

  43. I Absolutely Love This Show ! I started out as a Faithful viewer of The Closet & moved right on to the spin off. The Characters are all amazing. Please do not take this one away from us.

    • I could not agree with you more. I also started watching The Closer and kept right on to Major Crimes. They have given each of the characters such depth in the past few seasons. I always watch this show even though it was moved to 10. This is the best show on tv and I will be so upset if they cancel it.

    • Agree with this. Same here. This is the only a TV show that I watch every time it is on – never miss it.


  44. I’ve followed Major Crimes forever. I love the story line. The actors are so accomplished in their character and bring out humor and human emotions each week. Please renew for next season. One of the best series on TV.

    • I agree with all posts above. This is the best showw counting R&I. Please keep it going for those of us don’t fit into that bracket that you serve younger views.

  45. I began with “The Closer “and followed with “Major Crimes.” Each has been true must-see TV for my husband and me. I’ll be devastated if it isn’t renewed – partly because it’s a quality show (as the open letter so eloquently laid out) but also because I have yet to see a new TNT program I would ever watch. Each new TNT series offering seems to be increasingly violent and intense. Yes, “Major Crimes” is about murder. But it isn’t gruesome; there are likable regular characters; the personalities of the characters lighten up the tension when appropriate and it isn’t afraid to produce at least one episode a year that’s just for fun. We still laugh about the episode about the old folks’ condo that featured so many beloved senior actors! I’ll be leaving TNT if it takes our “Major Crimes.”

      • I have watched since the inception of Major Crimes, it is the best besides Rizzoli & Isles (which was cancelled) please do not let this happen to Major Crimes. The actors are just fabulous and story lines incredible. Their is really nothing else to watch on TV which has substance. I really hope your read these comments.

    • I agree with all the comments, Major Crimes is the best show on TNT and I have watched it from the very first time when it was called Closure and it would be a mistake to take it off, and please don’t take Andy off the show the romance is exciting and he is a wonderful character on the show.

    • I agree with you all the way! We need Major Crimes to be renewed; it’s the best show on television! We watch it without fail each week, eagerly awaiting the next week. So, please renew it for another season or 3 or 4.

  46. I didn’t watch The Closer from episode one. I found it on a night a show I watched was preempted. So I watched the Closer and was hooked, getting every previous season to catch up in order. Til we were able to watch the current seasons. Then the show was spun off to become Major Crimes. This was the first time in all my years following TV to find a show that truly honored it predecessor. Losing a show like R&I will take a long time to adjust too. I ask you strongly consider giving us our show. I myself have well over a dz regular followers of the show. Thank you for thoughts and consideration. Ed

  47. Mr. Reilly:
    When I saw someone had written you a posted letter I thought I’d do to, too. But this letter is so eloquent it doesn’t need another, just reaffirmation that “Major Crimes” is basically a necessity for TV in our society and hearts. My husband and I have never missed an episode of “The Closer” and it killed us to lose that show but now “Major Crimes” has more than won us over plus more. We love it! PLEASE don’t take one of the finest shows away! TNT has always had such terrific programming and with Rizzoli gone now, “Major Crimes” is out there alone. Please renew indefinitely and keep us all happy not to mention the social conscience it provides, our intertwining with the team’s personal lives, the amazing team that is impeccable and the writers that just keep amazing us over and over with their stories. This show should come on every week – 52 per year. Please keep “Major Crimes” – it’s a MAJOR necessity!!!
    Thank you.

  48. Other people have written intense letters we as fans just need to let you Mr. Riley know that you have an amazing and fabulous show in Major Crimes, I have been following the show since day one and have not be disappointed at all. The ratings and numbers are spot on and the time slot of Major Crimes at 9pm/10pm is just perfect. Major Crimes needs to be #ReNewedForASeason6 due to the fact that the Creator is such an amazing person and always leaves everyone breathless in his writing abilities (James Duff). The cast is lead by the very talented and beautiful Oscar and Emmy nominee Mary Mcdonnell who’s acting is well out of this world and the rest of the cast is just a talented and brilliant. So please deep down when you are deciding on renewing shows please for the Fans renew Major Crimes for an another season you will not be disappointed at all.

  49. I was a BIG fan of Closer and didn’t think I would like Major Crimes when I heard it would replace Closer. I saw the first episode and was hooked. I have not missed even one episode of Major Crimes and just love it. I DVR and watch it the next morning since I came stay up that late, but never miss it. Please listen to your fans and bring it back for another season. If you don’t see fit to listen to your fans then you will lose viewers of your station. Thank you.

  50. I can tell you i watched the closer. I was noy as invested in the characters as i am with Major Crimes. I do not watch anything else on TV period. I have become more of a. Youtube watcher but Major crimes has my heart. As i. Read this open letter i am a numbers girl myself. Renewing Major crimes for a 6th season would be a no brainer for me to make. Build up new shows around it with great characters and actors. Right now Major is making you money Duff and his entire cast and crew work so very hard to make an amazing show for us all. Last nights episode pissed me off because it made me feel like it was forced on this cast. The pressures from the new guy are making this team nervous. When something isnt broken dont fix it. Even though i was extremely angered by last nights ep i will continue to watch and promote the show. I love this entire cast and crew you couldnt get a more interactive team with viewers. They work diligently every week to keep us coming back. Do not make them change to much because that will be the down fall of this show.

  51. I was not aware that there was even a possibility of Major Crimes not being renewed. Last night at the conclusion of the Season Finale, I commented that I hoped the next season would get here quickly. I understand Cable Shows are a business. I hope the business of keeping loyal viewers is also a consideration. Please renew the show.

    • I’ve watched every episode of Major Crimes from the moment it changed from The Closer. The writing is superb and continues to hold the interest of the viewers. Week after week the stories get better and better. The show has always dealt with controversial issues, so it is not out of touch with reality. The characters are well established and the relationships between them is excellent. Major Crimes has earned the right to continue. Please give it the attention it needs and reward the fans with continued production.

  52. Major Crimes is my favorite show of the entire week. I never miss an episode, if I do miss one, by necessity, I watch it on demand. There have become fewer and fewer dramatic shows that I follow religiously because there is enough frightening espionage and war stories on the news but Major Crimes brings an ebb and flow to the horror. Please renew this wonderful show.

    • One of the best shows on TV! I watch TNT shows more than any network TV show. In my opinion, it’s already been a huge mistake to not re-new Rizzoli & Isles, but if Major Crimes is not renewed for another season, I’m through with TNT. Do the right thing!

  53. I was a big fan of the Closer, now I’m a bigger fan of Major Crimes. Please do not be like A&E they took the best show on their network ( Longmire) off which made me and hundreds of orthers to not watch their shows. Please renew Major Crimes.

  54. Big fan!! Outside of sporting events, Madame Secretary and the NCIS franchise my husband and I watch very little regular TV programs. Honestly, there is enough “edginess” on television, it’s the norm!!! You want edginess try intelligent strong women of all races, women who use their brains, oh WAIT you have THAT!!!! Too bad you dumped R&I from your network as well as Preception both intelligent quality shows!! FYI my husband and I are mid 50′s so try caring about people in our age demographic!!

  55. I love Major Crimes. Unfortunately I don’t receive TNT on my TV package but as soon as I can watch it by some other means, I do. Please renew Major Crimes with our same actors. I love the interaction.

  56. Major Crimes is a great show. I hope you renewing it. If you cancel such a great program, it would show “bad form” on behalf of TNT.

  57. M. Sharpe, wow, what a well thought out, factual, honest and heart felt letter on behalf of Major Crimes fans everywhere. There is nothing more I can add other than to agree with you whole heartedly. Major Crimes is the best show TNT has ever brought to the screen. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a victim of studio power plays or office politics.


  59. Not renew Major Crimes??? How could you not!! It is a fantastic show. A one hour of my life that I watch and do not want to be bothered. If I’m not able to watch trust me it is recorded and the first thing I watch. Leave it alone. The shows I’ve seen hinted at and previewed do not interest me. I may be getting older but none of this edgier concept appeals to me. What is so wrong with Major Crimes you are even considering not renewing. Shame on you!

  60. WOW! Thank you for standing up for us loyal viewers. I love Major Crimes and look forward to seeing it each week. I don’t understand why it is always the good shows that are in jeopardy. I love listening to the characters solve the crimes they are funny and witty . I hope I won’t be disappointed.

  61. Mr. Riley,
    I was a watcher of the Closer of which I enjoyed very much even though I missed some of the episodes. When the Closer ended and Major Crimes first aired when I watched the very first episode I was hooked I have not missed an episode since.
    I am “Proud” of the actors for their dedication in delivering each of their characters to each of us, the viewer, to the point as for me and I’m going to assume for many other viewers have become a part of our lives.
    I am “Proud” of the writers for the amazing content of each episode touching on so many issues that has been in the news and dealing with each one in an amazingly true, honest and personal format that the news doesn’t offer. Bringing a much wiser attention to each one.
    I am “Proud” of the directors for their dedication doing their part in putting on the best & most viewed shows on cable TV.
    I am proud to say I have had many interactions with many of actors by Twitter each one has been very positive. Each actor on the show takes the time to make each viewer feel more than just a viewer but a member of the Major Crimes Family. Rusty Vlogs and Sharon’s WWSRD give us the viewer even more in touch with this totally amazing in my thoughts the “Number One” show on TV.
    Please renew not only for season 6 but continually don’t allow this brilliant series fade into the past! This is much more than just a program to millions of viewers, it displays to the American People a far better view on so many National Issues of which the news isn’t able to do!


  62. I urge you to renew this fabulous series! I love the characters, the story lines, the balance of drama with humor, and its social message regarding many issues.

  63. I love this show. Never miss it, also watch the repeats. The show is terrific with talented actors. Please renew it.
    I never watch any show that has been a replacement for my favorites. Rizziolie and Isles was another favorite that was cancelled. Whatever replaces it, I avoid.
    TNT right now is no 1 with me. I hope you look up the ratings and notice MAJOR CRIMES IS ON TOP. The last boss didn’t. I hope you listen to us, we are fans .

  64. LOVE this show! Just as great as The Closer – have been watching from the beginning and have all on DVD! Keep Major Crimes going!!

  65. Major Crimes is one of those that you have on TNT it would be horrible if you did not reNew this show. bad enough to close it was taking off but the spin off of Major Crimes was amazing. I just learned about this and I am really upset that is even being considered to take off major Crimed I’m appealing to you at this time please keep Major Crimes on TNT

  66. Please renew Major Crimes this is my favorite show to watch love love it ! looking forward to season 6 please do not end it …….

  67. Just add my name to the rest of the loyal viewers who started with “The Closer” and are now addicted to “Major Crimes”. I don’t answer my door or my phone when the show is on. I got hung up on “Perception” only to have it disappear, so please, keep one of the best shows on television on the air!

  68. We started with The Closer and haven’t missed an episode of Major Crimes, one of the best programs on cable or network television. Well written, thought-provoking, great characters, and intelligent. At a time when so much of the programming is dark and disturbing, Major Crimes stands out as head and shoulders above everything else available. And yes, it would be nice to have it back at 9 p.m.

  69. This is the best show on TV. It is one of the few television shows that I watch. The show is well written, thought-provoking and extremely well acted. l hope that you listen to the viewers and re-new Major Crimes for a 6th season and for many more beyond that.

  70. I love Major Crimes. Please don’t cancel it, its best show on Earth Love the characters and the story line. Please don’t cancel

  71. Keep Major Crimes as I never miss an episode. I love this show. Too many good shows get cancelled for a younger target audience but we baby boomers outnumber them.

  72. I love this show please leave it on every time there’s a great show on it gets taking off. Like longmire !

  73. Please renew Major Crimes. It is a wonderful show with a great cast. I was so sorry to see Rizzoli and Isles get canceled so please don’t cancel this one.

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  75. I look forward every Monday to watch Major Crimes , I set my TV to Major Crimes , I hope that you will renew this show it is very interesting to watch, i have been watching since it started and will continue to watch i even watch reruns … Since Rizzoli and Isles is gone this is all thats left … If this is canceled i will not watch TNT anymore … There is nothing else that i am interested in….

  76. The above writer has really done their homework with all the “stat’s” that is proof that this show is top notch. To be side lined or not renewed for some
    idiot zombie crap would send my TV into a forever off mode. The Closer and Major Crimes are two show’s I don’t mind watching reruns of. Very good story lines with believeable characters. Thank You for your time in reading this addition of thoughts & views.

  77. Major Crimes still has much to say! I’ve watched it from the start & before that, The Closer. Both are excellent entertainment, with strong plots, led by strong characters. I look forward to each week’s episode & am disappointed when a season ends. Please continue this fine show till it has no ratings!!

  78. I have been a fan of Major Crimes from the start,first through The Closer. Even when the view time changed this year to a hour later. I love the cast and the storylines. Please renew the show. I was a faithful viewer of the Recently cancelled Rizzoli & Isles. I really do not want to lose another show that I like. That would really be heartbreaking.

  79. One of the best shows out there. I’ve watched it from the beginning as the Closer. I love the characters and story lines. There are so many totally mindless shows that get renewed season after season. It would be a shame to lose a really good show like Major Crimes. Looking forward to it being renewed.

  80. This New Yorker has come to love L.A. and the LAPD thanks to the fine scripts, excellent casting, and all the other support that makes “Major Crimes” my favorite TV show. The cast is #1 in my mind and I watch a lot of TV including ‘cut-the-cable’ Netflix shows. This show needs a good home and I trust that your network is the place the show wants to be, and/or should be. If the show has to move I will move with it – there’s only one #1 show and this is it.

  81. I am a longtime fan of The Closer and now Major Crimes. The quality of these shows is spectacular.!! I willingly watch repeats of every Closer episode as well as Major Crimes!! Mary McDonnell is my favorite actor on Major Crimes, but everyone else is a close second! The actors and their characters are TOP NOTCH!!! I watch every episode. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it excites, it scares me, but mostly it warms my heart because these are quality characters. I am no where near finished watching them!! I almost stopped watching any shows on TNT when Leverage was cancelled. But I could not resist The Closer and then Major Crimes, so I stayed. But I promise you, if Major Crimes is NOT renewed, I will never watch TNT again.

  82. Thanks for that open letter. It covers about all.
    I came across Major Crimes by chance and got hooked very soon. I’m still impressed by the high quality of story telling, on camera and behind the camera, this show has managed to maintain over the years. It proves that TV entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be outright stupid to be successful. (Though I sometimes have doubts here).
    However, I occasionally wonder if TNT is deliberately trying to suffocate this show. (Which wouldn’t make any sense to me since it apparently is one of the most successful ones in TNT’s portfolio). They have left it’s promotion almost entirely to cast, crew, and fandom. Information concerning return dates or renewal are practically non existent. It was only yesterday, following the airing of the summer finale, that a very carelessly done promo anouncing the return date for 2017 was posted on youtube. Phantastic. Only 365 days to choose from!
    I personally would love to enjoy a lot more of this profoundly well done piece of TV entertainment. So, a season 6 is the least I’m hoping for.
    Hopefully, your open letter helps to ensure that. – Anyway, thanks again for making the effort!

    • I watched the closer from the beginning and then major crimes since its beginning. It is such a unique show. It is a superbly acted and written show. It always keeps you guessing with its twists and turns. one of the best shows on tv and one of my all time favorites. Please keep renewing this show.

  83. major crimes is my very best show so please renew it all my family loves watching this is the best show ever.

  84. I started watching “The Closer” . Loved it and never missed an episode. My loyalty has not wavered with “Major Crimes”. I love everything about this show.. Especially love how the individual characters have been able to come into their own. “Rizzoli and Isles” is gone and if “Major Crimes” is not renewed, there will be absolutely no reason for me to watch TNT. Please consider your faithful viewers and their dedication to one of the best shows on TV!

  85. Please please renouveler major crimes pour une 6ème saisons. l’équipe de major crimes et leurs créateurs ont fait un super boulot avec cette dernière saisons, laisser les faire une dernière digne du major crimes que mon rêve de voir.

  86. Like all the others on here I also am a big fan of Major Crimes. Started watching from the first Closer show and right on through Major Crimes.
    You have taken away R & I and that makes me sad. the only other show I watch is Major Crimes. and its the only show I stay up past 10 pm to watch. If you don’t renew it and take it off the air then you have lost me and my family and friends as loyal fans of TNT
    Please renew this show it has so many lessons in real life to learn from.

  87. Major Crimes is an amazing transition from the Closer. Where Brenda Lee Johnson had the most screen time on The Closer, the on screen time for the characters now has increased immensely. Producer James Duff has assembled an outstanding writing team. We now have gotten to know a lot about the characters’ personal lives. Sharon leaves herself open to all of her teams’ ideas. That is an important fact to the viewers. You have probably noticed that Sharon is not one of the first ones at the scene in most cases. Her team, lead by Lt. Provenza, are way ahead of her into an investigation when Sharon comes on the screen. This allows for the other characters to be more involved in the investigation. Moreover, I think Rusty is a critical character to the show. He represents even more diversity to the cast. The producer, the writers and the actors have all come together to give us a show that is truly amazing and entertaining. I hope you will renew this series for a sixth season and beyond. If I miss the show live, I record it and watch it the next day. It’s truly “must see TV”. Thanks for your time.

  88. My husband and I together have 60+ years experience in social work and child welfare. Major Crimes is a rare breed in that it gets so much right about foster children, foster parenting, foster teens, street kids, child abuse & neglect, throwaway kids, teen adoption, all woven in to an exciting, satisfying crime drama with real, authentic characters. Even the infrequent character of Cynthia, the Social Worker, is written with accuracy and compassion, coming across as a fully realized character and not generic in the least. I see people like us, in age and experience, people like the younger careerists we’ve mentored, people like our children. It is edgy to us because we know what the characters risk, what the consequences are of things going sideways, and Major Crimes doesn’t shy away from showing this.
    We want to stay with TNT, we want to see the upcoming programming (that we only know about because we were watching Major Crimes), but we need the foundation of this great show to be there for us. It’s the draw. It’s what gets us tuning in to TNT. Please, #RenewMajorCrimes

  89. I started watching The Closer at its beginning, and then continued to watch Major Crimes. This is one of the worthwhile programs on TV today, and I urge you to renew it.

  90. Like all the others on here I also am a big fan of Major Crimes. I Started watching The Closer and continued right on through Major Crimes.I have never missed an episode, and even watch recorded re-runs..Every fan loves the characters,and coming from a police family we can relate to the cases..
    You have taken away Rizzoli and Isles which made me sad..Please don’t take away Major Crimes too

  91. Please renew Major Crimes!! This is my favorite show. I have been a fan from the beginning of The Closer. NCIS was my favorite until this show premiered and although I still watch that show; this by far has better writers and you really feel for the cast. It would be a shame to lose such a great show for another reality series .

  92. I watched the Closer when it was on TNT and I am watching Major Crimes since it started. Major Crimes is one of my favorite shows that I watch. So please keep it on the air. I am also upset that Rizzoli and Isles was cancelled. If you take away Major Crimes there will be no reason for me to watch TNT channel any more.

  93. Mr. Reilly,

    I have been watching Major Crimes since its inception as a spin-of from The Closer. My evening on Monday revolves around this show.

    As a retired deputy sheriff, I enjoy the honesty that Major Crimes presents relating to law enforcement. It isn’t pretty or flashy but the work gets done. I thoroughly enjoy the plot twists and the “whodunit” atmosphere when one person seems to be the suspect but there is a twist and someone else is the suspect. Week after week the writers come up with story lines right out of the news that keeps me captivated from beginning to end.

    The characters are true to life and I wouldn’t mind having any of them covering my six in a dicey situation. There only two cop shows I watch currently in production and if Major Crimes is not renewed TNT would be losing this viewer as Rizzoli and Isles has been cancelled.

    I can watch Law and Order on other cable stations.

    Don’t make the same mistake NBC made back in the 60′s with cancelling Star Trek. Please keep Major Crimes on the air.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

  94. I, too, have allowed Major Crimes from The Closer. I have never seen a sequel to not only make sense, but to have continued to develop the characters and story lines in such a powerful way. While Brenda helped the team to become better policemen, share took the work Brenda did and untied the team as friends and upped the level of work they do together. The dusty story has torn at my heart from the beginning, It has been incredible to watch him grow and how after all those years, Buzz helped him, this year, Rusty has encouraged Buzz in such a special way. I care greatly about each of the characters and their future. The last few weeks the hour has flown by, This is one of my all time favorite TV shows.

  95. This is a great show and I’ve been watching since the beginning of the closer, please keep it going, you have cancel good shows and to lose Rizzoli & Isle and Major Crimes at the same time is a travesty! I wonder how anyone comes up with the idea to remove something great and replace with the unknown….my father used to say “If it’s not broke…..
    Great cast!!Love them all.

  96. I have watched every episode of The Closer, Major Crimes and Rizzoli and Isles. Major Crimes is one of the best shows on television! Please renew Major Crimes.

  97. This is one of the few shows my husband and I both watch. We love listening for the quick little lines, that are thrown in, that are funny. The stories are always interesting and well thought out. Please keep Major Crimes on the air!!!

  98. I have been watching this since day one of The Closer. It would really suck if another one of my favorite shows ended. Seriously, every show I love ends up getting canceled. Please give us many more seasons.

  99. This is 1 of the best shows on TV. I was devastated when you cancelled Rizzolli and Isles because it was a great show too. These 2 shows have great casts with what seems to be a great chemistry together. Sharon and Flynn finally got together. Rusty has finally got is life together has a relationship w/his birth mother and is in a healthy relationship. I cannot believe you killed off the chief. Please keep this show. Reality shows may be cheaper to produce but they are stupid. This show is about real life of every race and sexual preference. Julio finally became a foster parent and will be a great dad with another kid. Please keep this show. There are plenty of stupid shows out there to get rid off. Love Major Crimes.

  100. Please, plesse, please renew Major Crimes. I record it so I can see it twice, and my husband and granddaughter , who work afternoons can see it. It’s a staple at our house

  101. I just started watching this show per recommendation from a friend and former ‘The Closer’ fan. I’m hooked and am catching up on seasons 1-4 now. Please keep this show going.

  102. I have been a fan since the first episode of the Closer and I stayed with Major Crimes because of the cast, crew, and writers who put their very best into these characters and their storylines. They breathe life into these characters. They show us the good, bad, and the ugly of them. They allow us to care for them as deeply as they do. To not continue this show would be a huge disservice not only for the viewers, cast & crew, and the characters, but to you as well. To not renew would be a Major Crime.

  103. When The Closer ended, I was devastated, until I saw the Major Crimes spinoff. I have not been disappointed once. The complexity and quirks of each character, their love for each other, have made it as important to me as The Closer. There are storylines to be finished, their are action packed stories to be told, and in this political climate, major crimes is the only TNT show who can address those. Don’t renew long term and I will be forced to give up on the network, because you gave up on the fans.

  104. Dear Tnt, there is a large community of MC fans outside of USA. Please don’t take away from us the best show ever.
    Love Major crimes!
    Love all crew, especially Mary McDonnell.
    Vote for season 6

  105. I watched The Closer and was a little concerned about transitioning to Major Crimes. BUT — What a quality TV program — relevant topics, well-developed and diverse major characters, excellent writing (I can never predict what someone is going to say), and an outstanding cast of actors/actresses!!! What was I worried about? Now I’m worried that Major Crimes won’t be renewed for its 6th season … and that would be … well … a MAJOR CRIME!

  106. This is one of our favorite shows that we started watching from the very beginning. There is so little good programming on please renew this series.

  107. I have watched this show since its inception as the Closer. Its one of the few shows on TV that is worth watching anymore. Especially since Rizzoli and Elyse finished production. There was no reason given for this one. The other TNT show I will not miss is The Last Ship. Why is it that the powers that be in TV have to only accommodate the 18-49 age range. Don’t we as seniors deserve to watch decent shows. I am sick and tired of reality shows on every network leaving us with very little but reruns to watch.
    Quite honestly I am tired of seeing Castle, SUV, and Bones reruns.

  108. Major Crimes is the only tv show that my husband and I actually watch live. We make a point to do this even if we are out of town. We love this show. We have been watching since the first episode of The Closer, but we love Major Crimes even more. Please renew Major Crimes for season six and many more.

  109. I truly hope that you renew this show for another season. It is a well written show that doesn’t talk down to its audience. I’ve been following these characters since The Closer and I’m not ready to let them go yet. There are so many more stories left to be told.

  110. Please renew Major Crimes ! I have been a faithful viewer since The Closer. I own every DVD of The Closer and Major Crimesl. Major Crimes is a show that even people who are beyond their teen years can enjoy. It is the only tv show that gets talked about the next day at work. It is the only show that I personally text about with people who no longer are my coworkers . The characters are all wonderful and the episodes are all spellbinding. It is the only show that I will stay up to watch and still get up at 4am for work. I realize that my one opinion is like a drop of water but with so many people asking for renewal we are like a giant ocean in support of the best show on TV Major Crimes! Once again please renew Major Crimes.

  111. You have the greatest show TNT has ever had, along with it’s predecessor, The Closer. I never miss an episode. I dvr my favorite shows. I watch every episode twice. Please, please KEEP renewing Major Crimes. MC is the best of the best.

  112. Major Crimes is the most engaging fantastic program on British Television I have followed from season 1 episode 1 of The Closer. Please please please keep this on my television we don’t get many great programmes over this side of the pond but this is one of the greatest xx

  113. Major Crimes is the highest rated show on your network. Why on earth has it not been renewed when you are renewing show that are not as highly rated. Please renew this amazing show.

  114. Major Crimes is the highest rated show on your network. Why on earth has it not been renewed when you are renewing show that are not as highly rated. The cast is amazing and the writers are second to none. Season 5 has been the best season yet. Please renew Major Crimes as soon as possible!

  115. Love this show. Was upset when closer was taken off exstatic when major crimes came on as spin off. Please do not take off like my other favorite shows (closer and rizzoli & isles).

  116. Major crimes is the only TV show that I actually watch, it has a bit of everything, fun, drama, intense…. everything you want from a show the fact that I watch it on British TV goes to show that Major Crimes has a global fan base, its watched in the UK, Germany, France and many other countries to get the global fan base it has, along with the social media community that the show has gained has to say something about the quality of the show I think to not renew the show would be a big mistake on the part of TNT because every season the fan base gets larger . As one of your British fans I would like for you to renew the show and keep sending it over here because you have a large fan base on this side of the world too and we would like to continue watching for many many more seasons to come. Please renew Major Crimes

  117. Me and my husband really enjoy watching this show. It would be a shame for it not to be renewed. How many voices to you need to hear before you get the message to keep the show on. Itcwill be sad for alot of peple if this does not happen.

  118. Major Crimes is a show for people who respect T V. Written by people who respect story telling. It’s one an extremely few shows that respect the intelligence of the viewer. Please renew Major Crimes!

  119. I didn’t think that I would like Major Crimes, I was upset when The Closer was cancelled. I have to say that now I cant imagine Monday nights without it. TNT has the best Crime shows and this one is 2 in my list 1 was lost( Rizzoli and Isles) I am barely surviving this… Chief Taylor dieing and now the pending end of Major Crimes… Please keep this show.

  120. Major Crimes gives TNT the ‘Boom’ that was your trademark a year or two ago. It’s not that I don’t like your other programing but the idea of losing Major Crimes will certainly color my decisions as to sticking with TNT for my future entertainment. Look at the cast, look at the writers, look at the contributors, they are all amazing! They do their job above and beyond! Please!!!! RENEW Major Crimes (for many seasons to come).

  121. Major Crimes is my favorite TV show. I wish it was on every week all year round. I love the character development, the storylines, and everything about the show. Please continue to renew this great series!

  122. Please, please, please: RENEW MAJOR CRIMES.
    You have a hit on your hands… please keep it on the air!

  123. Cancel Major Crimes?? I’ve watched from the beginning, The Closer, Brenda Leigh Johnson, this show only gets better with each season. Great story lines, great cast!! What moron would cancel this???
    The only thing needing improvement is more episodes!

  124. Please renew Major Crimes! I have been hooked on this show since The Closer ended. It’s the only show I still watch cable for. I even own every episode on Amazon and watch them again and again!

    Ending this show will end my relationship with TNT, as simple as that.
    Again, please renew Major Crimes and keep it going.
    Thank you.

  125. Please bring back Major Crimes, this is my by far by favorite show. Love the characters. I recently switched to just basic cable, but bought a subscription just so I can watch this show. I watch the Closer whenever I see it playing and l love, love, love, the dialogue between the everyone. (Flynn and Provenza). The show isn’t just not the other crime shows on TV, this one is real and the stories are amazing. So please bring it back. It’s like my second family.

  126. I have enjoyed Major Crimes since it’s beginning. I look forward to it everyweek. Please renew it. It is good tv. Thank you.

  127. Dear Mr. Reilly,

    I am writing to you today as a supporter of Major Crimes, a show, which has uncovered so many TV milestones, since its inception as the successful legacy of The Closer. This show is truly a gem, as it tackles important and serious issues with fun, exciting and engaging levels of entertainment, similar to any high profile action series, while deepening each character of the ensemble much further than it ever was on The Closer. It is the best procedural on the market as we speak, as its action driven plots are supported by facts, realistic depiction of the police force and law system, critical evaluation of the social nature of the police work and justice system, and introspective reflection driven by ethics. You have here a show which is not only full of action and entertaining, but also in many ways educational.

    I have known students who are attracted to police and law enforcement careers, because they are watching Major Crimes. The show also explores how the law is applied. My niece, an young Assistant District Attorney in Wisconsin, loves it for its realistic depiction of the work she does everyday. She is not the only one thinking that way, Major Crimes has received all around recognition from the Los Angeles police force and the LA mayor, who even made a cameo in one episode.

    Despite its veterans actors, the show is very appreciated by the younger generation of active and developing professionals. They like it because it depicts realistic situations in the work place, younger staff (Amy, Buzz, for instance) interacting with seasoned detectives and learning from them. It shows very well how respectful relationships and hierarchy are fostered in the work place, exemplifies good leadership, as well as the important mentorship of younger staff.

    Avoiding to fall into complacency, Major Crimes does not hesitate to tackle difficult topics, which it explored with raw honesty. For instance, Sharon takes in a foster child, an adolescent with serious trauma, giving us one look into the American foster care system. This topic is explored deeply in several episodes, not just related to the adoption of Sharon’s foster kid, Rusty, but also in the story behind certain crimes. The show does not shy away from difficult topics, sexual abuse of children, bullying of transgender kids, the shady universe of the porn industry, alcohol and drug addiction, and also policemen and women who happen to also commit crimes. Lately, it tackled a mass shooting, sadly way too common in today’s society, and what looked like a possible terrorist attack. Additionally it tackled more nuanced stories, where good people make terrible errors of judgement leading to crimes. Through a sensitive and deep depiction of the characters, the show drove us to understand the difficult job of police men and women, going through their own emotions, anger, fear or compassion as they unravel tragedies.

    Major Crimes also has won awards for his representation of diversity in the workplace, racial diversity, and for portraying accurately same sex relationships with subtlety, truthfulness and sensitivity. It depicts very strong family values: the familial unit of Sharon Raydor has everything to do with family values, good parenting, respect and fostering good relationships between parents and children. It also represents a modern family, with its extended ramifications, divorce, step-children, ex-spouses, new relationships.

    Finally it has successfully portrayed a woman in a leadership position, leading a team with intelligence, wit, strength and compassion, and reflecting the struggles of women leaders in traditionally male-oriented professions. From Amy, Francine to Sharon Raydor, Major Crimes women characters are strong, opinionated, intelligent, deep and above all compassionate. Whether young or older, they carry the show, and serve as role models for a new generation of young women, who are interested in law enforcement careers.

    The latest episodes of Season 5 have taken an unique turn exploring ethical subjects, which I would certainly use if I were still teaching an ethics class. One of the latest episode leading to the finale, explores in detail the psychological difficulty, having to reconcile killing a shooter to save other lives and how it can tear someone apart. Sharon Raydor is struggling with her religious faith as she deals with the aftermath of killing someone and its moral and ethical implications, in heart breaking scenes that deserve all acting awards. I do not need to tell you how relevant this topic is today. In the finale, revenge and justice are explored: how putting away a father for murder will affect his family and how a policeman may have difficulties, knowing his actions for the sake of justice will destroy another family. Parenting: how hard it is to let go of a foster child, one has come to love, to let him return to his biological family. Major Crimes humanizes law enforcement officers, by showing us a reality we too often forget. You do not see that in a procedural every day.

    Mr. Reilly, the success of Major Crimes can be completely yours, if you decide to promote and support a show that will not only attract young and dynamic audiences, but also more cultivated and intellectual ones. TNT does not have to be a monolithic channel, it does not have to cater to only one type of public, and it can reach many at different levels. It can be complete in its programing. I truly believe that Major Crimes is one show that can unite both young and older demographics. I watch it often with my daughter. She is as interested as I am with the various dynamics and the intelligence of the show. The younger demographics, young professionals, may have your and advertisers’ principal interest, but at the end the cable bill is paid by their parents, since they are still paying for college or grad school. Personally I will have absolutely no problem cutting my cable (and TNT) subscription and turning solely to Netflix and AppleTV for other shows I do watch, if Major Crimes is not renewed.

    Be the hero, look beyond the obvious, with a vision of diversity, and renew Major Crimes for a season 6.


  128. This is seriously the best and only worth watching show on tv. It fills every expectations! Well written, magnificent stories and incredible/one of a kind performances! Please renew this fantastic show and give us all the joy of keep enjoying good and outstanding work!

  129. Cancel Major Crimes? Are you crazy? It is a fantastic show. I’ve watched this series since it was The Closer. It has a stellar cast, up to date topics, and is just plain a wonderful show to watch. Please, I beg you, DO NOT CANCEL this show!!!

  130. I love this show, not only for the cast of superb actors, but I feel like it shows some real struggles people have. If Rusty’s struggle with being gay helps one kid, then it’s worth it. If Provenzas mixed marriage after having so many failed marriage works, how joyful is that? If Sharon and Andy’ s relationship continues what does that say about kindness? Plus it is so encouraging that this show is just as big or bigger than The Closer, even though we fans seemed doubtful. Please don’t cancel!!!!

  131. I really like this show. It’s storylines are always interesting and relevant. You cancelled all the other good shows, Southland, Rizzoli and Isles just to name a few, so please renew Major Crimes! It’s just a great show with a lot of talented actors.

  132. I absolutely love “Major Crimes”..The characters and the story lines are fantastic…This is what real Television shows are supposed to be…..Please keep this show on !!! I look forward to this show every week !!

  133. Although I do not have cable/DISH/Satelite TV, one of my local stations has begun showing Major Crimes reruns that I now watch regularly. I did not get involved in watching The Closer until it ended its run, now I have all seasons on DVD and it is my favorite drama. I have also purchased several seasons of Major Crimes, and I love it! Please, let Major Crimes continue it’s run, the story lines are interesting, and 60 minutes is gone entirely too soon. Thank you for your support in serving your network and the people who watch it.

  134. I love Major Crimes and we do not have too many choices on Monday night for shows. Please TNT reconsider and keep this show on. One by One all of my shows are being cancelled please do not cancel this one.

  135. Please renew Major Crimes. It is the best show on TV since The Closer ended. The cast is superb, the writing unbelievable and the acting amazing. The cast makes you feel they are real and honestly care about the story they are telling. RENEW MAJOR CRIMES!!!

  136. This is one of the greatest cop shows on tv. The fact that the actors have a personal side to their lives makes people realize that “cops” are people,too. Please do not drop this program! It is one that I can watch with the knowledge that I will be entertained and satisfied at each episode’s conclusion….. It is one of the few decent programs on tv left to enjoy!

  137. I, personally feel it would be idiotic to cancel Major Crimes….It is one of the most down to earth, easy to follow shows on TV. It’ s like family, you catch up with on a weekly basis. I watched the Closer, and now Major Crimes…it will be very disappointing to take this show off and put on some dumb reality show.
    Let’s get back to entertainment!

  138. Please renew Major Crimes. I have followed this group since The Closer days. These are wonderful actors with great writing to work with. It would be a shame to lose one of the best shows on television.

  139. You have to renew it you just have to. I became addicted to The Closer after a very dear friend of mine told me about it and you branched off with Major Crimes. I just love the people together you just have to renew it. I only like a few shows and I only love a couple. You got rid of Rizzoli & Isles. Don’t stop Major Crimes.

  140. Major Crimes is one of the absolute best shows on TV! How can you possibly consider not renewing them? You took away Rizzoli & Isles, you’ve done away with The Closer – please don’t add to the list of fatalities by not renewing MC.

  141. This is the smartest program on television. If you cancel it, I’ll never understand that decision.

  142. I have been a fan of Major Crimes since the beginning with The Closer. I did not think Major Crimes could top The Closer, but the cast and the writing of this show proved me wrong. I have not missed an episode, and have not grown weary. I look forward to each season- even though it is split seasons, I follow and look forward to each and every episode. The story lines continue to get better, they are very realistic and are in line with today’s society. The personal issues with each character as well continues to grow. I for one ask that you do not take what has been no less than #2 in the ratings and continues to have increase in viewers off the air. Use Major Crimes as an anchor as it so deserves. It saddens me when clearly shows are strong and growing are canceled and the viewers are never asked or heard from and we are the one’s giving the ratings. Please let Major Crimes continue into yet another exploding season. DO NOT CANCEL!!!

  143. Please renew Im a great fan, now and from the beginning. Love the show great actors and great characters. Thank you, Frances from Erie Pa

  144. This show is exciting and the characters fill like Family please don’t take my favorite show away!

  145. Please don’t cancel this show. We need Good programming! I’ve watched it even before it was Major Crimes. You’re gonna start losing viewers if you don’t listen when you’re audience speaks.

  146. Renew major crimes!! why do u want to cancel such an excellent with good ratings show? It is the best show on TNT!!

  147. Renew Major Crimes! It is one of the best shows on tv. I never miss it, and recommend it to all my friends. It really is a quality show, with an ensemble cast which is unparalleled. Thanks for your consideration.

  148. I am in shock that anyone would even think of canceling this show. It is one of the very best shows on. The actors are great but the writing is GREAT, the story’s are AWESOME. Why would you want to destroy such a good thing.

  149. LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I’m not a big TV person, and to be quite honest this is the ONLY show I watch. PLEASE PLEASE renew For season 6! I would, and A LOT of other fans of the show would be devastated!!!! #majorcrimesmonday!!!!

    • I watched from the first show of the Closer. I love Major Crimes and so do many people. No idea why this hasn’t been renewed already. I was so sad to see R&I go. If Major Crimes goes so will the majority of your viewers. Renew please ASAP.

  150. Keep Major Crimes on the air. It is a very good ahow and have great actors and is a clean show.

  151. Monday’s wouldn’t be the same without Major Crimes! TNT, come on now. This show has been running for 4-5years now and the storyline gets good every time, the writers are a brilliant bunch. It’s such a good show and you guys seriously need to RENEW it for SEASON 6!

  152. My Monday nights with never be the same without Major Crimes. I’ve been watching it from the beginning. Please don’t cancel it !

  153. Please renew Major Crimes it is the best show ever and I enjoy watching it on Momday nights. The cast are the greatest actors I have ever seen. If I have to work on that night then I DVR it so I can watch when I get home from work.

  154. Please renew Major Crimes. Absolutely one of the best shows on TV. Have never missed an episode. The characters are so realistic in their portrayals. I look forward to every season.

    You might consider adding the older program Jag to your schedule. Seems to me it would fit right in. I am aware of a website dedicated to finding a home for Jag. So many people are so sick and tired of the garbage TV networks are trying to push off on an intelligent viewer base. Wake up guys.

  155. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes this is the best show on Monday night. I love this show so please renew.

  156. I am so disappointed to hear that you are considering not renewing Major Crimes. It is hard to believe that you would even consider ending such a wonderful show. Most viewers are long time invested viewers and as a group our loyalty should not be overlooked. I am asking you to reconsider a decision which will surely have an impact on your loyal viewers.

  157. I think TNT needs to listen to there viewers . we want to see major crimes on the air . the new shows that I have see previews for are full of nothing but guns drugs and killing . we have that in real life .we really don’t need it on our television everyday. I watched the closer and have continued with major crimes . if you cancel a show that is doing well in the rating and we the fans are asking you to keep it on the air. you need to be replace before you do more harm then good to you network

  158. I never thought I would get over the end of The Closer, but Major Crimes eased the pain as an amazing continuation. I don’t think there has been an episode that didn’t have me laughing, crying ,angry , joyful this cast is amazing, the writing superb! Keep it on the air PLEASE!

  159. I enjoyed Major Crimes since it first came on and it has gotten better. I would love to see it come back another season.

  160. Major Crimes is a great show. I started watching back when it was The Closer. Didn’t think it would be any good without the Brenda character… Was I wrong. Please, please renew it

  161. Please dont cancel Major Crimes ! I look forward to watching new episoded and the cast is amazing ! It shows stuff that happens in real life. The cast brings joy and happiness to their fans.The characters are amazing ! There are nomore good shows on anymore this is the only great one left ! I have been watching these actors since The Closer ! Please dont put these amazing actors out of work ! Let them have more seasons to bring us fans happiness!! Please please dont cancel it !!

  162. LOVED The Closer, and was DELIGHTED when Major Crimes came on…Please, please renew next the next season!!! (And to be honest, the one after that, and the one after that…well, you understand!)

  163. I have watched every episode of Major Crimes since the Closer ended and I absolutely love it. Please renew Major Crimes!!

  164. Please renew Major Crimes! This is one of my absolute favorite shows on TV and I savor every episode. I give it 100% of my attention when watching, no multi-tasking allowed! The cast is top notch and between their performances and the writing I feel like I am watching dear friends.

  165. RENEW RENEW RENEW!!!! Major Crimes is a brilliant show and exceptionally crafted. Keep the show alive, please!

  166. Major Crimes is one of the best shows on TV. I enjoy watching each show. I can not wait until the new season begin.

  167. Please renew Major Crimes. It is the best show on television. Great characters and great story telling. Please renew this show!!!!!!

  168. Please, please don’t cancel “Major Crimes”. I watch it every Mon. without fail. Even when I’m not home. The writer/s is/are so skilled with their story-lines. It’s so interesting and ever story leaves you wanting more and the actors are really great. I love, love, love it. Thanks for always renewing it. Bless you. Sandy

  169. I love this show. I have watched since “The Closer” ended. If you cancel this show, like you did with “Rizzoli and Isles” , my other favorite show, I will NEVER watch TNT again!

  170. Don’t cancel major crimes. I just found this gem and was excited to see it was still making episodes

  171. Plz to not take this show it is a really good. Not sure who is behind taking all the good shows off and putting stupid ones I In their place plz stop..i

  172. Please re-new Major Crimes!! It’s an amazing show and there’s not a lot of good shows left on tv, please don’t take this show.

  173. Please do not separate the cast, the success of major crimes is each of their character. All fans of the series queremo see Andy and Sharon Together, we have lost the boss Taylor ….. The rest of the cast should remain and be developing each character as happened with Buzz in the first half of season five.

    I live in Colombia, I see the serial cable from season one, I love the series and finally a tip for TNT, do not be spread fashion reality shows, in my country TV channels went to the floor filled of such programs. I hope the second half of season 5 and season 6 course.

  174. Please renew Major Crimes. There are only two shows that I watch religiously….Major Crimes and Big Bang Theory. I watch the show and also record the show. I always watch these shows over and over. Major Crimes has such a great cast and each character’s personal story is such an added feature to the show. Please renew!!!

  175. This is the best show on television! Love the characters & the story lines. I look forward to every new episode and enjoy watching them over and over. Please renew it!

  176. Major Crimes is the best show on TV. It is my absolute favorite. Love Mary McDonnell, Tony Denison and the rest of the cast. Please renew for a Season 6. The ratings are great and the new time slot is working out quite well.

  177. My family loves Major Crimes. We have been watching since The Closer and we love the show. It is entertaining especially when Frorenza and Andy get into something togeteher. It is clean , entertainment for an hour of our lives. We can watch and enjoy each show and remove ourselves from our lives for a short amount of time. The cast is awesome- all of the characters are professional and come together as a team to make a great show. Please renew this show forever, as we need entertainment from a professional staff of characters as well as it is just the right thing to do.

  178. Please renew this show. I am always disappointed when the season ends. It is so well written, well acted. I find myself Engrossed for the hour.

  179. Please renew Major Crimes. We have been watching since the beginning of the close thru Major crimes. It is truly one of the best shows on TV.

  180. This show is outstanding and should be on the air weekly for many long seasons instead being given 6 shows. We miss it when you take it off . Please it on so we can have a good television night.

  181. I loved the closer and sad to see it leave. I did fall in love with major crimes. all the characters have their own stories to tell such as rusty, tao, julio, etc. we get to see their own human(tv) side, to remind us that they have another life besides being a detective. I really enjoy provenza. I identify with him as the experienced older detective not completely appreciated by the younger crowd. that is so true in other professions. they are seen as outdated older and not to be taken too serious because of their age. it would be truly sad to see this show being dropped as it presents people, issues, and lives so realistically. please do not drop this show.

  182. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes!!!!
    I’ve watched The Closer and now Major Crimes, it’s one of my favourite shows so i would hate to see it end.

  183. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee renew Major Crimes. It is the BEST show on ANY TV network…..This is why I look forward to TV on Monday nights……

  184. Please don’t cancel this show, the characters are great and the development of them has been done so well. I look forward to each episode as they come. This is one of the best shows on TV right now. I started watching the closers and was sad to see it go but major crimes is soon much better. I love all of the characters and the bits of humor that show up too.

  185. TNT used to b my favorite channel. Now only Major Crimes is left, and there have been too many hints in this last season’s program suggesting it may be leaving. Please keep this show on. Losing this cast would be like losing a set of dear friends, as well as the last of the best shows still on tv.

  186. This is one of the top series on TV. The drama combined with some humor needs to be returned to its rightful spot on prime time.

  187. I started out, from Day One, as a fan of “the Closer”. While that show was great, I have become an even big fan of “Major Crimes”. I want Major Crimes back (and it sure seems as if all of it’s fans and viewers do). And all too many also want to see SOB on the air as well. And to be frank, if show is not returned and not given the full support that it (and it’s entire Staff, Cast and Crew well deserve) I would give strong thought and consideration to buying a modern antenna and getting rid of my cable. Show and everyone connected to it all to good NOT to show up off cable IF not picked up and fully supported by TNT. Major Crimes is what has kept me as a cable subscriber.

  188. I started out, from Day One, as a fan of “the Closer”. While that show was great(in its own right and way), I have become an even bigger fan of “Major Crimes”. I want Major Crimes back (and it sure seems as if all of it’s fans and viewers do). And all too many also want to see SOB on the air as well. And to be frank, if show is not returned and not given the full support that it (and it’s entire Staff, Cast and Crew) well deserve I would give strong thought and consideration to buying a modern antenna and getting rid of my cable. Show and everyone connected to it all too good NOT to show up off cable IF not picked up AND fully supported by TNT. Major Crimes is what has kept me as a cable subscriber.

  189. Desde Venezuela…no sé si lo saben, pero en Venezuela y en toda América Latina el programa tiene mucha aceptación. Necesitamos programas de alta calidad como este para entretenernos. Por favor no lo cancelen.

  190. Please, please, please renew Major Crimes. What a fantastic series. One of the best on television !!!!!

  191. I have watched this show since it was The Closer it is by far the best show on T.V. today it’s what I look forward to on mondays please renew it.Thank you

  192. LOVE D THE CLOSER and miss it. But very happy watching MAJOR CRIMES. I don’t watch the sit come they have now. Too inappropriate for my children to watch.. please renew.

  193. Major Crimes manages to do what very few crime dramas do. This show presents very serious content but allows for the lighter moments in life to shine through. In our darkest times, we still manage a chuckle here and there. So many crime dramas forget that part of life. I look forward to Monday nights because I know whatever the topic of the Major Crimes episode may be, I will be able to turn off my television holding on to a glimmer of hope because the writers and actors have allowed my that ability.

    If the ratings alone can’t convince the powers that be to keep this show going, just take a look at the aforementioned glimmer of hope. We all need that in our lives.

  194. I so look forward to “Major Crimes” every week! I wish the season was longer. It is such a gem in the junk pile of TV shows. I liked “the Closer” but this has raised the bar. The characters are so good and the story arcs are well done. Not too much angst (thank you) but just enough of a look into the personal lives of the characters to keep it interesting. I’m looking forward to many more seasons – please!!

    Thank you.

  195. Major Crimes is by far one of the best shows on TV. The fact they keep sex out of it is a HUGE PLUS in my book.

  196. Love the talented cast and the clever plot twists. With little quality programming, it’s one show that shines!

  197. Major Crimes is one of the best, if not THE best show on television. The acting, writing and directing is always spot on. In my opinion, not renewing such a gem would be a huge mistake

  198. Please. Renew this show. My. Mom and I enjoy watching tbis show everyweek. This is a really great show!!!
    Thank you

  199. Please keep this show running. It is one of the few, very few, network shows I will watch. I find myself more and more on netflix. Intelligent, strong writing, amazing actors, one of the greats. Thanks for your time.

  200. I love this program – please do not take it away from so many of us that even record it in order to watch baseball. I think this cast is the best. Major Crimes is the Best.

  201. I love Major Crimes. I was overseas when the summer finale aired and streamed it to watch it the next day because I couldn’t wait until I got home to see how they wrapped up the story arc. Please renew this wonderful show which keeps finding new stories to share.

  202. I just posted above – how much we love this show—this is strangely set up that we now have to give our name and e-mail? Crazy. Please keep the show going.

  203. Love Major Crimes !!! My husband & I are hooked. Please do not cancel. Still watch The Closure & Rizolli & Isles. Major Crimes is the best !! Awesome actors & storylines.

  204. Please renew Major Crimes. This is one of the best shows on TV right now. Plus it’s one of my favorite shows.

  205. For God sake…do NOT cancel a very good show is one of the best dramedies on TV…not everything needs to be from Marvel comics…

  206. What on earth are you waiting for?? Renew the BEST show on TV, Major Crimes! Fabulous cast and story lines and a huge following. I just don’t understand what more you need.

  207. Please, oh please DO NOT cancel Major Crimes. Like all the others before me, I am a die hard . I can only name a few shows that I would follow, and Major Crimes is number one on my list….. In fact, my husband finds it odd that I’m willing to put down any book I’m currently reading, just to watch it.

  208. Love Major Crimes. Don’t cancel it. Between Major Crimes and Longmire on Netflix, these 2 shows are the best crime shows to watch.

  209. Major Crimes is the only show I watch on TNT, have no use for the other shows. Big mistake to cancel it, as you can see from all these comments! Love the show, love the characters!

  210. For Goodness Sakes, Major Crimes is one of the absolute Best Shows on Television…………And WHY OH WHY would you even consider cancelling your BEST show!!! Cancel Major Crimes and I may never watch anything on TNT again!!!

  211. Major Crimes has been appointment TV at our house for many seasons. The development of the characters has been superb, the plots vary considerably, and it’s great television! Please renew the series for another season–or two–or three!

  212. Please renew Major crimes. One of the best shows on TV. It has so much going for it. A little of everything.

  213. Major Crimes has been a show my husband and I watch together, and there’s not many of those! We will both be heartbroken if it is not renewed!

  214. PLEASE renew Major Crimes for Season 6! We love the series! The cast of characters is so well rounded and the storyline is excellent. We watch it every week. It is one of the best shows on television.

  215. Please don’t cancel … The crew of major crimes and the closer have been a part of my life for so long and every episode is so intensely awesome.

  216. Please renew major crimes it’s a wonderful show the characters like family quality television. Thanks

  217. Please do not cancel such an excellent well written show. We do not need more reality TV or copycat shows.

  218. Please don’t cancel MAJOR CRIMES! I followed it from the Closer to present. I can’t stand to lose another program I love. You already canned Rizzoli & Isles. Haven’t you done enough damage already??

  219. I didn’t think I could like this show after The Closer, but I do. Actually I love this show and make sure I am home from work to tune in. Please renew it for next season because it’s a great show that still has a long way to go.

  220. I just want to tell you that you have a gem of a show here with Major Crimes! It has depth and likable characters and… it’s just the total package! Please please bbring them back for season 6 & hopefully all the way to season 20, who knows! It has the potential to be one of the best. God bless you!

  221. Please do not cancel Major Crimes. I love it and DVR all the new episodes, in case I can’t watch it while it is on. If you cancel this show I will no longer be watching TNT, you already cancelled Rizzoli and Isles. I also enjoyed the Closer and Perception, however they were both cancelled as well.

  222. It would be a very stupid thing to do if you choose NOT to renew MAJOR CRIMES. That being said, if that were to happen, another cable network would pick up the series in a heartbeat! There is no way Ia show this excellent , honest and spot on would be left in the can!

  223. This is an intelligent, well crafted show. We like this even better than “The Closer” as it has an all inclusive cast on every show. We have been faithful viewers for the entire show run, so please keep this show on the air. The viewership is still growing!

  224. There are so few shows that keep me sitting on the edge of my seat from week to week. Major Crimes is one of those shows. It would be a great loss for your network to not renew it for next season. I love the cast and subject matter. I’m not ready to see it end. Are you?

  225. LOVE this show! Watch it every week! The writing and acting is excellent. Most shows nowadays are flashy and trashy. This show is like a breath of fresh air. Love to try and figure out whodunnit! Please, please renew for Season 6, 7, 8….

  226. Please please please renew!!!!!!!!! I still haven’t recovered from R & I ending. (I know that was a cast and writers decision, still not over it LOL) so PLEASE don’t let this one go! I LOVE IT! Best cast ever, best writers ever!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please and Thank YOU!

  227. I think Major Crimes is one of the best shows on television, be it network or cable! I watched other TNT shows after finding and loving the Closer. Major Crimes continues where the Closer left off. The characters are compelling and interesting. I just want to see more of it! Please renew it. That will keep me watching TNT.

  228. There are so few really good shows on, please don’t take the best show on tv off! Love love love major crimes!!!

  229. It is an enjoyable show, but the storylines involving the “son” of Sharon Raydor are very obnoxious, as is the young actor who plays him. The stories add nothing to the show!

  230. I am an avid fan of Major Crimes I have watched this show since its spin off from The Closer which I never missed & nor have I missed an episode of Major Crimes. In watching Major Crimes we knew the characters from The Closer and the new ones that through time we have come to know the story behind each character. This is the best show on TNT. Please renew for next season

  231. Compared to some of the drivel cable TV is often blamed for pushing into viewers’ faces, “Major Crimes” is a high quality show, loaded with solid performances and writing, and a believable premise absent in reality TV and surreal fare. If you have not decided to renew this excellent series, I would like to know why. If you have, speak up and tell us. Thank you.

    J. Knight

  232. Major Crimes is the best show on TV. It’s smart, funny, poignant and supremely entertaining. The acting is excellent. Please keep this show on the air!! Best ensemble cast.!

  233. I wish I could post a pic of me on my knees, begging TNT to keep this superior drama going. Most of these characters have been in our hearts and minds for more than 5 years due to spinning off The Closer.

    Major Crimes has been my favorite show since season 1 (with Rizzoli & Isles a close second). I would have nothing to watch on TNT if Sharon, Andy, Buzz, Louie, Amy and the rest of this talented cast vanished into the ether along with Jane and Maura.

    A longtime, loyal TNT viewer,

  234. Please renew Major Crimes I love the show watch is evertime it is on it is a wonderful show love the story lines and all the actor . I hope you save the show!

  235. Please renew this wonderfully written and acted show. Major Crimes really needs an expanded season as well.

  236. Please keep Major Crimes, the show is still just as good don’t cancel. I’ll keep watching as long as it stays as good as it has been.

  237. I LOVE this show and always have! Please don’t cancel it. It’s my favorite show! Love it!!!!

  238. We do not receive TNT to watch Major Crimes I have to always wait till it comes out on DVD to catch the latest season which I have always followed ever since the Closer series. So don’t end a good program to view.

  239. This is the last of the best TNT shows – please renew! Sign me a faithful viewer (back to the days of The Closer). Major Crimes – best show on TNT!!

  240. Please do not take off Major Crimes, will all the reality crap that is on this is the only good show out there!

  241. Please renew Major Crimes & let it again come to Canada. I will have to wait for the DVD to come out to see Season 5 as Super Channel did not carry it this time. Big disappointment. What is wrong with the people in charge. You keep putting all this “reality crap” on & forget that there are millions of people who still enjoy well presented drama with great characters & brilliant acting like Major Crimes. Please listen to us, the viewers.

  242. I love this show and would miss it if it went off the air.
    I enjoy each and every one of the characters, esp the relationship between the Captain and Rusty.
    The stories are suspenseful each week. Please renew.

  243. I love Major Crimes! Stop canceling all the decent shows out there. First Rizzoli and Isles and now possibly Major Crimes! This is a great show with great characters please renew it!!

  244. I had no idea Major Crimes could be on the chopping block! I count down the days until the show is back on air. (Seriously, it’s on my calendar, something I’ve never done for any other show.) I began watching TNT with The Closer and stayed for Major Crimes. Now I have your app on my cell. Fabulous writing and acting have me happily hooked. I’d encourage you to consider re-airing episodes of both shows as well; there are few programs with this quality and consistency. Please renew Major Crimes!

  245. This show is one of the most well written shows with such diversity and seriously one of my favorite shows. I would be heartbroken if it wasn’t renewed for another season.

  246. To Whom It May Concern at TNT
    I am an educated woman yet I am baffled as to why lately many very well put together television shows are being discontinued. I can’t fathom why lately we see more and more reality television junk and Sci Fi VS real drama that We are able to relate to. I am not in my 20′s therefore am disgusted by reality tv, I am not in my 30′s so not interested in end of the world zombies but I am 40 yrs old and enjoy immensely a great drama that not only touches on my hometown of Los Angeles but also makes me ponder and laugh. After a stressful day and wishing I could be cop and slap cuffs on some crazy people, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to Major Crimes. I’m almost positive this is about execs, $$$$ and power, please stop tripping, don’t make a mistake you will regret; please for the Love of MJ and it’s loyal fans DON’T cancel our MJ aka Major Crimes I seriously will cancel Time Warner

  247. Major Crimes is your best show on TNT. PLEASE don’t cancel. The interaction with the characters is very charismatic. Have watched every episode so many times I can probably recite line for line.

  248. I totally agree with everything written in the above letter. Please renew Major Crimes not just for season 6 but I would hope for another 4-5 years or as long as the actors and writers want to continue this is one of the best shows on TV

  249. Please, renew Major Crimes. It’s so frustrating when TNT comes up with some awesome shows, and then TNT gets a “7 year itch” and cancels the shows before the audience is ready. Major Crimes is awesome!!! Please do not get rid of it. You already got rid of Rizolli & Isles. That was upsetting enough.

  250. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes. TNT has some of the best shows then they cancel them. Don’t do it to this one. There is some of the best writing I have seen while still being believable. In this world where no one can get along how great it is to see all races working together for good.
    Please don’t cancel Major Crimes

  251. Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!
    Please, renew Major Crimes!!!!!!

  252. I’ve watched every episode since the Closer left us. Major Crimes is the best cop program on the air! It’s relevant to the times we live in and the interaction with the actors are the best. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and fall in love. I hope we can keep watching them evolve. Please keep the program on a few more years. I look forward to seeing my friends, come Monday night.


  253. Please renew Major Crimes. It is a fine example of crime drama with excellent acting by the cast ensemble.



  255. If you canned the show you lost a TNT viewer because i only watch Major Crimes primetime show now since you already got rid of rizzoli and isles and even though i love watch TNT doing the day for older show if Major Crimes leave so do i

  256. TNT, you can’t be serious to cancel Major Crimes one of the best crime solvers on TV. All my friends have complained bitterly about not being able to see what happens next. Would you please reconsider

  257. This is one of the best dramas on TV and TNT should be proud to extend it. The reasons outlined above are solid enough. However, the one reason that tops all others is that the public wants it to continue. Please do not fail your consumers.

  258. MAJOR CRIMES is the one show my husband and I can agree upon to watch together. Please don’t cancel it. And by the way, we’re especially huge fans of Kathe Mazur and Mary McDonnell.

  259. to cancel this show would be a MAJOR CRIME!! how will rusty turn out? will he keep up his good work? his new relationship? andy? what happens to andy and Sharon? andy had a heart attack, how is that going to work out? if you kill him, there’s another MAJOR CRIME!! louie, we need louie, he tells us who did it…I could go on and on but every character is needed, as a collective they are the fabric, the synch, the psych which keeps it together…Monday night is MAJOR CRIMES!! we must wait while ya’ll are on vacation, resting, learning new scripts, but we wait patiently until you come back, we come back to life…we never make Monday night plans, its against our principals…yes, bring them back!!

  260. I have been a loyal fan of this show, when it was The Closer !!! Please don’t take this show away, it is well written and I love it and all the actors!!! Please don’t change anything!!!!

  261. As a UK viewer I beg – please renew!!
    Obviously we get it later over here so I was pleased as punch to find I could watch latest episodes online!!
    Please keep the great stories coming!! This is the ONLY police based show I watch and I’ve even managed to get the husband into the show as well!!

  262. Please do not cancel Major Crimes. It is a great show. The cast is amazing and the chemistry between all of them is wonderful.

  263. I have watched this series from the beginning. I was devastTed when Kyra Sedgwick left and it became Major Crimes because I just knew I wouldn’t be any good. Yet….ITS EVEN BETTER!!!!! I didn’t think that was possible!!!! Yet. It hasn’t been renewed yet??? You’d be beyond crazy not to!!! Do you want folks to stop watching your station?

    On an even more personal note every drama with a strong female role I’ve liked has been dropped despite having awesome ratings and followers. That’s just nuts to me.

    So I humbly BEG of you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE renew Major Crimes!!!!!!

  264. This is the greatest show on television right now. I have watched it since day one because I was also a fan of the Closer. I will continue to watch it no matter what it’s time schedule is or what day of the week it comes on. Only thing I would change is to make the seasons last longer!!

  265. Major Crimes is very popular in Australia. It is a great show with humour along with Drama. Do not cancel the show. It is bad enough that Rissoli and Isles was cancelled. Give us a break and let us enjoy the show for many more seasons.

  266. Omg, major crime is one of the best shows ever, plz renew it and allow us to enjoy the show more seasons

  267. Please renew Major Crimes. It is a show whose characters touch us and reflect the real diversity of life. Great writing and acting too!

  268. For all reasons listed in this petition and more this show should be renewed and given a very long run. It is, quite simply, one of the best shows on air with complex inter-personal relationships, interesting plots including long-reaching story arches all of which are well-acted. The fan base is strong, too, and if we’re tuning in to see Major Crimes some of us might just stick around to see what else TNT offers.

  269. I love Major Crimes band all the actors!!! Please renew Major Crimes !!!!!!! Please do not cancel the show!!!!!!!!!

  270. Please renew Major Crimes with it’s cast. We have been fans since the inception of the Closer and still watch reruns of both shows. We so enjoy the story line and lives of the cast members. It would be too sad to see another great series leave the screen.

  271. WHY FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN!!!!! It’s a fantastic show that I look forward to watching. I hated when “Closer” was cancelled. Now hooked on this show and would not like to see the same end result. Don’t cancel it.

  272. I never miss Major Crimes (and I never missed the Closer). The characters have become my friends after all these years. It is the best show on TV today. Please renew Major Crimes for another year (or two or three). I beg you.

  273. STOP cancelling good shows!! You do this all of the time and eventually people will not want to get attached to a new show because after a few seasons TNT will just cancel! Leave Major Crimes on the air, the fans love it!!

  274. With Rizolli and Isles gone I really have only one reason to tune into TNT, Major Crimes. If that is gone I’ll probably never tune into that station again. Just like when A&E got rid of Longmire there was no reason to tune in there. Maybe people that don’t enjoy gratuitous violence, drug abuse and blatant sex scenes don’t appeal to the person that’s running TNT now. It’s too bad that stations try to pander to the lowest common denominator now.

  275. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes!!!! I’ve watched from the beginning with The Closer and then the spin off. Love the characters! Love the show! Love the story lines!! I have always looked forward to watching. I’m not sure there is anything else on TNT that I love more and since cancellations of some of your others, not sure there is any show on your network that I want to watch. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. I love Major Crimes…one of my favorite shows. Please do not even consider ending this series…it is probably the best one you have. Please renew this show.

  277. I love Major Crimes!! It’s the only crime show I watch on television. The only one worth watching. I look forward to the characters and the plots and hope to do so for many years to come. Thank you, Reldon Ramsey

  278. Major Crimes is just about the only current show I watch besides Longmire. Most TV shows today are worthless, This one is absolutely worthwhile. Please keep it on the air and renew it for another season.

  279. Why is it that when a series such as Major Crimes does well in their ratings the executives what to cancel? Understand that if you cancel this show you will lose so many supporters of TNT and your ratings will drop like you never seen before. Please do not cancel Major Crimes. I and many others enjoy this show, the characters and the actors who portray them.

  280. Please don’t cancel the show! Besides the excellent stories , acting, and humor, the social justice issues covered well and thoroughly deserve the airtime Major Crimes gives them.

  281. Please renew Major Crimes. It is the BEST show on TV. I even purchased the past seasons DVD’s. Help. RENEW

  282. Please renew Major Crimes! It is one of the best procedural shows on TV right now and I would really miss these characters. The show keeps me glued to every episode and the interplay between all the characters is incredible. Please don’t end this wonderful show. You’ve already canceled my other favorite show, Rizzoli and Isles, so don’t take this one too.

  283. I was a fan of The Closer. When it was over and Major Crimes took its place, I was so happy. Please do NOT let Major Crimes go by the wayside. I love this show!

  284. In my opinion Major Crimes is a smart well-crafted show that needs to stay on the air. We have so few of them on TV anymore it would be a shame to lose this one.

  285. I feel the same way. I’ve been watching Major Crimes since the beginning when The Closer left. I’m a huge fan. This show is the reason I even started watching TNT. It would be a shame to lose such an amazing show from your line up. For what? So it can get replaced by something not even in its league. If this show is cancelled, I hope another network realizes the gem this show is and picks it up. I will end on this note, if Major Crimes is not renewed this household will not watch TNT again for any show.

  286. This show is a legacy! I am a bit behind and I know since I watch all my shows via internet that me as a viewer is not really recognized. Viewers love having something to look forward too. This show is just unique and the crew and cast have demonstrated their commitment by bringing a show to the viewers that just cannot be compared to the norm. This show has not topped out. Please give the viewers the entertainment that we deserve and from a station that is always first on our minds when turning on the t.v and sitting down with our families for some pressure time together with real Entertainment! May Major Crimes live on!

  287. Please do not cancel “Major Crimes” and don’t kill off Andy…
    I enjoy watching MC, since “The Closer” went off the air.
    So tired of the networks canceling descent shows and putting crap in their place.
    Enjoy watching Crime shows to those stupid reality shows(which we all know are scripted shows).
    You’ve already took off “Rizzoli and Isles”, DON’T do the same with this show!!!!!
    This is one of the two shows that I watch on your network, unless you plan or have already cancel “The Librarians”,.
    Give me a good Crime/mystery show anytime to the other crap that is on TV, anyday..

  288. I’ve watched The Closer, and Major Crimes from the beginning Great story lines, good writers and excellent actors. Please continue the series.

  289. Great show, well-written and well-acted. We keep to much crap on TV these days, please keep this. It is one of the more entertaining shows on all channels.

  290. Croatia loves Major Crime.
    Go Major Crimes, go season 6:)
    Please, please, please ( did I say please?) renew the show

  291. I look forward to Major Crimes each week,and I don’t do that for any other show. I love the acting and the story lines, and it would be a crime to cancel such a great show with such dedicated actors and crew members. Please keep this gem on the air!!!!!!

  292. i actually see reruns during the night ans some times in evening. can’t tell you the channel. but come on majorcrimes is a very good show. re new it please diane

  293. Please renew Major Crimes . It’s about the best program on any network. I am a long time fan of the characters. I watched “The Closer” from beginning to end and was so happy that “Major Crimes” was created. Excellent writing, story lines and acting!!! Mary McDonnell did a fantastic job of replacing Kyra Sedgewick’s character too. I didn’t think I would ever like anyone as much as I did “Brenda” but I do. Both are equally wonderful.

  294. I love Major Crimes I’m 42 and my 16 year old daughter watches it with me . I’ve been an avid fan since the first episode of the closet and have never missed a show . I love most is Mary McDonnell , Tony Denison and GW Bailey the fact they are older and can still kick butt . They are wonderful together along with the rest of the diverse cast . There is something for every age from the realistic portrayal of Rustys relationship with Gus to the endearing relationship between Andy and Sharon not to mention Julio’s quest to become a father . The writing is fantastic and has so many areas left to develop . I’m truly dumb founded why TNT is dragging there feet on a renewal … The fact is Major Crimes is the only show I watch on TNT and the only reason we still have our Direct TV . If Major Crimes is not renewed I will no longer watch TNT there will be no reason too watch . I like the crime show with a little romance led by a kick butt older woman who has class. I fail too see why you won’t renew a show that’s growing in numbers despite the fact you won’t activity promote the show but leave it up to the cast and fans for promotion however you will continue to promote shows that are continually failing with horrible numbers . If TNT would actually push MC the ratings would be even better and you could make more money . Please renew Major Crimes!

  295. I love Major Crimes. This is a great show. This was how I recovered from losing The Closer because I still had some of the main characters. Please don’t cancel this show. There are enough good shows being cancelled today. That’s why a lot of people are turning to things like Net Flix shows.

  296. Even with the advent of Netflix and Amazon Prime and On Demand everything, hundreds of cable channels, and online distractions galore, Major Crimes remains “appointment television” for me. Please don’t try to fix what’s not broken. RENEW MAJOR CRIMES, “thank ya so much.”

  297. Please renew Major Crimes!!! I am sick to death of reality tv. I want to watch smart tv…..well-written, creative, innovative tv programs that are well-directed and superbly acted…. basically MAJOR CRIMES!!! It is the best show on television. I was very upset when Rizzoli and Isles was cancelled. Roles that depict empowered women who are smart and funny are few and far between. Major Crimes, and The Closer before it, consistently presents empowered, smart women who are comfortable in their own skin and who go out and get the job done. This show has continued on with some of the best characters I have ever come to love and has deepened their story lines and my love for them. At times, I forget they are not real people. I care about what happens to them. I love police procedurals and this one tops my list. If it is cancelled, it would be a Major Mistake. I enjoy discussing the week’s episode with many of my friends, who are also viewers. This show has a following of people who are invested in the storylines, the characters and the genre. Please renew Major Crimes sooner rather than later. You will be glad you did.

  298. Please we need more Major Crimes!! Do not cancel it. Renew it for season 6!! Please

  299. If this show is cancelled, I would be as heartbroken about that as I was when The Closer was cancelled. I honestly didn’t think I’d like Major Crimes with Captain Raddor as lead, but her character was tweeked just enough so that it made a big difference. So many of the quality dramas on several networks/channels have gone by the wayside. There are too many of them left for us to watch. I hope TNT will keep Major Crimes. Love the cast, concept, story lines and characters. Should the fans send Brenda Johnson over to straighten you folks out? :) :) :)

  300. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes. I was so disappointed when Perception and Rizzoli and Isles were cancelled and don’t want to e Perrin with this again with another show I like. MC is well-written and appeals to many people. I, too, am tired of reality TV and edgy programs.

  301. This is what I look forward to on Monday nights for the past few years beginning with the Closer and now Major Crimes. Please renew this show. Why would you not renew with the highest ratings!!!

  302. Please renew Major Crimes. It is a top notch show and it would be a shame to lose it right after Rizzoli & Isles is gone.
    You have a gem in this show with the outstanding acting and writing.

  303. Major Crimes is the one of ONLY two shows that I watch on cable TV anymore. I watch Netflix and HULU, but I make “appointment watching” a must for Major Crimes. Fine, fine acting from a tight ensemble cast with incredible chemisty all around. To watch these actors seamlessly live in the story is an incredilble treat…and one you do not often get. How can there be any question of cancellation when data indicates the show is excelling in both retention and increase in viewership? Would such an action…counterproductive (and counterintuitive)? Isn’t the function of your management is to retain a high-ratings grabber (and therefore a revenue cash-cow)? Commerce trumps art…so be it…but then follow that adage logically, and keep the excellent Major Crimes on the air!

  304. Major Crimes is one of the best written and acted television shows that is left . The characters are so easy to connect with and they feel like a part of your family. I get so involved with the show that I can’t wait to see what’s next.
    The actors are great and you can feel how well they work together. Please keep this great show on. I look forward to the next season.

  305. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this amazing show has been cancelled. Cable and Net work TV is already losing the battle for quality TV to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Don’t you even care you are leaving all creativity behind and filling the airwaves with stupid reality (not) TV.

  306. Major Crimes has been my go to show for years. Since the Closer , the writing is excellent , story lines original , and above all the cast is tremendous.
    Each and every character is so perfectly casted , you would think they were on the payroll at LAPD.
    It would be a bummer to see this show end , when there is so much talent involved. A true fan of Major Crimes. BTW there is nobody better than Raymond Cruz , his Det. Julio Sanchez is perfection.

  307. Amazing show for so many reasons – writers, edgy story lines and character development are the best on tv!!! Please renew for Season 6!!

  308. This is one of the better shows on TV, it draws you in and keeps you totally wrapped up in the story. You end up caring about these people that you let into your life every week. I for one, do not want to let them go, so I add my name to the list of those who would love to have them around for at least another season, if not more.

  309. Please do not ruin, cancel or anything else Major Crimes. They are adding viewers with every show they do. There is nothing like it. Make a jewell in your crown. I’ve been with the show since it was had Brenda I love it.

  310. Major Crimes is a wonderful police procedural of the highest quality with a strong fan base. Please renew this series! I look forward to every episode.

  311. Please renew Major Crimes for not just season 6 but more seasons to come!! This show is the best show ever and I can’ t imagine it getting canceled with all of the exceptional ratings that it has been getting. Once again I urge you to please renew Major Crimes for more seasons!!

  312. Major Crimes is my favorite show on television. I’ve watched every episode of The Closer and Major Crimes. I’ve had tumor removal surgeries a few times and made sure Major Crimes was saved on my DVR. I absolutely adore the cast!! I hate reality shows and have been a loyal viewer since the beginning of the Closer!! Alot of us viewers are invested in the characters on this shows. I’ve never seen a show with such a diverse show ever on television. Please please please renew my favorite show besides the Walking Dead on television!!!!

  313. Major Crimes needs to be renewed! The characters, stories, and overall quality are better than any other show on TV. And the ratings reflect that!

  314. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  315. I love this show and look forward to seeing it again soon. Please renew this show.

  316. I have been watching Major Crimes since The Closer ended. Major Crimes picked up right after The Closer and the same cast has remained. That is good television and now you want to cancel it because of your ratings? All the TV shows are being cancelled over ratings before they even have a chance to get viewers. You don’t have many viewers these days as more and more people can’t afford cable. Those of us who are left want you to keep Major Crimes. Its a great show with a great cast and I would not watch TNT ever again if Major Crimes is cancelled.

  317. Please keep major crimes on. I only watch a few shows and since the Closer left this is one of my favorites

  318. What will we watch if Major Crimes goes off? It is one of the none reality shows left that is worth watching.

  319. One of my favorite shows. I hope they don’t kill Andy off. I like his character.

  320. I could not begin to fathom why canceling Major Crimes would even be a thought.
    Major Crimes is not only an amazing show because of it’s actor’s (which are phenomenal mind you) but also because of the subject matter that the show addresses.The show Major Crimes has defenitly superseded the expectation of those who were unsure about it after The Closer ended (I new the show could hold its own)

    Major Crimes is my go to show it is always a must!Please don’t take my HAPPY PLACE away! MY friend , and I spend our Tuesday’s commiserating over our favorite moments of the episode.

    I believe Major Crimes is and will continue to be a huge asset to TNT

  321. I love this show and look forward to seeing it again soon (2017 is so far). Please renew this show.

  322. If you don’t renew Major Crimes you will loose ALL those Viewers that Make the Ratings so HIGH …. It will be one of the worst things you can do to your station

  323. Not renewing Major Crimes would be a massive mistake! This show is edgy and smart! We do not need anymore “reality” shows or any that showcase the stupidly of people willing to go on tv to prove how shallow and dumb they really are. Please keep Major Crimes on for those of us who recognize quality entertainment. Thank you, thank you very much!

  324. Short and sweet to the point: If it is not broke, do not mess with it. Done.
    To add, I am born and raised in LA, I think from growing up, watching cop, emergency shows, in this day time, this is a great show that has actors that fit their parts, have passion in what they are doing. Bringing a message. Thank you.

  325. I really enjoy watching Major Crimes. It makes me laugh and think which is rare these days. Please renew Major Crimes.

  326. This is one of the BEST shows on television — excellent writing, diverse characters, story lines that are relevant, and outstanding acting by every cast member! I keep saying that if TNT does not renew Major Crimes that it will be … well, a MAJOR CRIME! Other shows that I watch include NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. The writing for Major Crimes tops the writing for both of those shows — no dialogue that I can say before a character opens his/her mouth. Renew Major Crimes!!!

  327. I really enjoy Major Crimes–it is so well written and the cast is just plain marvelous. It’s one of the best ‘cops and robbers’ that has ever been on TV. Not only do I watch it when it’s on, but I DVR the episodes so that I can watch it over and over on those nights (and there are so many) when there is nothing I find worth watching. The interplay between Flynn and Provenza is fun to watch. You can see how much they care about each other. (Like Gibbs and DiNozzo on NCIS) Please don’t take this wonderful hour of television away from all its followers!

  328. why do you execs always cancel the best shows? I don’t get it. This show is the best show on tv. Please don’t cancel!

  329. Please renew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite show of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. I cannot even begin to imagine why Major Crimes would not be renewed for another season. This is one of the best shows on TV. It is well written and well acted. I care about each and every character on this show. YOU NEED TO RENEW THIS SHOW!!!

  331. Omg please renew. One of my favorite shows. First the network took the Closer. Been watching this one since it started. Took Rizzoli and Isles. I guess I just won’t watch your network anymore. If i had a choice i would remove it from my line up.

  332. Great writing, great acting…just great show. We need great shows like this to watch. Please renew.

  333. Major Crimes is the absolute BEST show in TV. PLEASE renew it! And while you’re at it, please keep Lt. Flynn. The show would lose SO much if his character was not there! Gotta have my Flynn & Provenza moments!

  334. I honestly believe this is one of the better dramas on television. Please bring it back!

  335. Major crimes is hands down my favorite show. I was sad rizzoli and isles got let go….please don’t do the same to major crimes. It is by far the wittiest, funny, as well as intriguing storylines. I love it! Please keep it and all the cast.

  336. Please renew Major Crime for another season. Excellent cast and storyline. One the best police shows on television.

  337. At the risk of sounding cliche’, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! Please do not cancel one of the best shows on television with consistent good ratings when there are so many other shows on that aren’t worth watching. Please keep Major Crimes. Have watched since day 1 and come to know and love the characters as family.


  339. Please renew Major Crimes. Best show on tv. The acting is wonderful, the writing is great and the story lines with the cast is so quirky. I was sad when the Closer ended but thrilled when you continued it with Major Crimes. It’s a keeper.

  340. I have watched Major Crimes from the beginning. I loved the Closer and still miss it. The characters are so great and funny. They are like family. Ending Rizzoli and Isles was very sad but I am sure the cost was a factor. Don’t cancel the last show I watch on TNT. I need my weekly dose of Provenza. Please renew Major Crimes!

  341. This tv program is consistently the top of my viewing list. It portrays life as it really is for the entire diversified population. My father was in law enforcement, my first husband was in the Border Patrol and I am an avid crime/mystery reader for many years. I sincerely hope that TNT will renew Major Crimes for another season.

    Janelle Ward Haley,
    Bixby, Oklahoma

  342. I began watching the Closer in Season 3 and immediately had to binge watch the first 2 seasons. I was afraid Major Crimes would not hold up in light of how good its predecessor was, but it has surpassed all my expectations. I really enjoy the story lines, and have enjoyed watching the relationship between Sharon and Flynn, Sharon and Rusty, truly enjoyed watching Rusty grow into a wonderful young man, and Provenza with his new wife. Please seriously consider renewing this show. It is definitely one of the best shows on TNT currently.

    • I can’t believe this is even an issue. With the ratings so high every week it has proven how much we all love Major Crimes. Above and beyond. Just look at all these people taking time to comment. What are you going to do anyways, throw in a pilot of another series, and why when you have so much proven success for Major Crimes. If you do not renew the show, I will not be watching TNT any longer. One of the best shows ever and you haven’t renewed it yet? Seriously?

  343. Please don’t take away Major Crimes, it’s one of my favorite shows, and I follow it faithfully!

  344. please renew major crimes. I look forward to it greatly. My friend and I spend lots of time discussing and re-hashing it.

  345. Please renew Major Crimes. I love the show and how it has evolved over the years. It is one of my favorite shows to watch.

  346. I have always watched TNT in the past because of all the GREAT TV Dramas you used to have on but now the only time I watch TNT is when Major Crimes is on… you already cancelled Rizzoli & Isles which was another GREAT Show that you took away from us so I am BEGGING YOU PLEASE RENEW MAJOR CRIMES!!!! It is the BEST TV DRAMA you have!!! Thank you

  347. Pls renew Major Crimes and keep it on indefinitely BEST SHOW you have and
    While you are at it take off that show Arrow and put Bones back on
    Thank you

  348. Why in heavens name you people won’t want to renew the show. We the viewers ain’t even suppose to be telling you people to renew the show you suppose to know that from the time you see that the viewers rate has raised.Like seriously???? Look ayuh renew duh show yhhh. Cause TNT won’t have viewers. Love and respect from Guyana.

  349. Major Crimes is the only show on TV that I watch the night it airs and really one of only a few shows on television that I watch at all. I don’t watch a lot of American television but I’m always there sitting on the edge of my seat when Major Crimes comes on. I can honestly say that I don’t think there’s any other show out there like it and if it’s not renewed it will be a huge loss.

  350. Major Crimes checked all the boxes for renewal. Ratings, demographics, awards, writing, authenticity, timeliness, impact … it is all there. You know this show has the ratings. It has not suffered from “franchise fatigue” by a long shot. For a decision squarely in the category of no brainer, renew now. What are you waiting on? An invitation?

  351. Want it renewed was so upset at cancellation of rizzoli, and so much story left to be told on major crimes

  352. Please renew Major Crimes. I love this show and have since The Closer before that. Both shows are my favorite of all crime/police dramas. Please renew.

  353. Wow, just how Long it took for me to scroll to the bottom of this page Shows how much Major crimes is loved. This Show has to stay on. Great acting from a Great ensemble. I looooove Mary McDonnell , her acting is devine. Finally a Great realistic female role model on tv. There is so much more to tell about Sharon Raydor and her division. I urge you to Renew Major crimes. The waiting is terrible.

  354. This show is BRILLIANT! The storylines are run the gamut, riveting, heartwarming, sad, funny…it’s all there. The characters are rich and wonderful – you want to be their friend. The actors do a masterful job of making it all work.

    Please don’t take away one of the best hours of television every week!

  355. Please, please, please renew Major Crimes. My family and I love the show . We moved our family nights to include the show. We absolutely love this show and don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t watch it .

  356. MAJOR CRIMES is one of our all-time favorite programs. We anxiously await each episode and talk about the issues presented. The cast is a brilliant ensemble that we are privileged to visit with each week.

    Make sure you renew this fabulous program!

  357. Please Renew Major Crimes. You will loss viewers. This is a loved showed all the cost do a wonderful job. Thank you. Norma Sappenfield

  358. Please renew Major Crimes. I followed the show on it’s first Season when it was named The Closer. I was skeptical about the transition, but I love Major Crimes just as much if not more than The Closer. Do the right thing and renew it.

  359. Please, please renew Major Crimes!!! It is a wonderful show and we want to see more and more episodes, year after year after year!!!

  360. karen upstate ny

    leave this show on love the cast the factual content everything about
    this show is top notch

  361. Please renew this show, it is certainly the best show on television and needs to continue.

  362. Major Crimes is our favorite show! The writing on this show is awesome. Please renew and extend/expand the season! Can’t wait for the new season to start!

  363. I will keep it short & straight to the point. Major Crimes is the only reason I continue watch TNT programs. I can get the other show reruns on several other stations.

  364. Please renew Major Crimes. We have been faithful watchers from the beginning. One of the best on TV!

  365. Please bring this show back!! We already lost Rizzoli & Isles, don’t make me quit TNT altogether!

  366. Please please renew Major Crimes. It one of the few really entertaining shows on TV !!!!!

  367. If this show is not renewed it will be devistating. This last episode was devistating all because of a new ceo. I hate the fact that new people come in and dont have a fracking idea what is really working and what is not. I dont even watch tv anymore but make sure i watch major crimes every week. I am just so beyond disgusted with tv the presidential campaign. Im about to boycott every injustice that i see around me. I just stood up on my soap box and guess what i am not coming off of it.

  368. Please do not cancel this show. There aren’t to many shows on TV now that are well written and have you guessing till the end of the show.

    This show has a wonderful cast and great story lines. Please renew it.

  369. Don’t cancel Major Crimes! It is one of my favorite shows. Once it is off the air, I’ll no longer be watching TNT.

  370. I love the cast of Major Crimes, please renew the series. I will also miss Rizzolli & Isles! The replacement shows are garbage! Keep good shows with loyal followers like Major Crimes!

  371. PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW, it’s one of the best on TNT !!!!! since TNT cancelled Rizzoli and Isle, Major Crimes is the only show I watch now…. PLEASE I’m down on my knees begging…..

  372. Love this show and all the characters storylines. I watch very few shows but I mark my calendar as soon as I know a new season is starting. PLEASE keep this show going and RENEW!!!

  373. OMG! PLEASE don’t cancel Major Crimes!! Everyone I know LOVES this show and all of its characters! For crying out loud, they’ve already cancelled the OTHER best TV show on these days (Rizzoli & Isles), you just CANNOT even be THINKING about cancelling Major Crimes!!!

  374. Please renew Major Crimes! I love this show. I was sad when The Closer ended but Major Crimes stepped right in and took over.
    PLEASE RENEW!!!!!!

  375. I enjoy this show and have since the beginning… please do not cancel. With the rest of the do do (ca ca) airing now on TV, it is refreshing to have a show like Major Crimes.
    Kathleen Gorlitz

  376. Major crimes’ high production values, and unsurpassed ensemble cast make the only believable police procedural on TV. Why wouldn’t a network continue to air a series that the baby boomers can relate to?

  377. Shocked to read that this wonderful show has NOT yet been renewed!! Please rectify this error immediately so that fans – both in the US and all over the world – will continue to watch your Channel and help keep your Ratings, especially for “Major Crimes,” high.
    From an ardent fan in Singapore

  378. I absolutely think this is one of the best shows on Television, and I watch a lot of TV. Please, Please, Please renew Major Crimes.

  379. Please don’t do what you did with Rizzoli and Isles and cancel another popular show! Major Crimes is fabulous and is pretty much the only show I watch on TNT.

  380. Major Crimes is my favourite tv series. I do hope that the network will continue to air and the producers will continue to produce the show.

  381. Major Crimes is a GREAT show. I wish it was more easily accessible (such as on Netflix, Hulu, or even another service that I can pay for). I LOVED the closer and now I LOVE Major Crimes. Like the article above says that for the studio’s it is all about numbers, advertising, etc. But for the people who watch it, it is about soooo much more. It is about life situations, how to handle them, and even how NOT to handle them. I wish studio executives would have a little more heart into their decisions before making them. I think it would be GREAT if the executives did an “Undercover Boss” take on the show and the fans.

  382. Please renew Major Crimes! We love the show! We loved The Closer! We were quite sad to see Rizzoli and Isles finish.

  383. Please do not cancel this show. It is well written, the characters highly developed and a smart television series. There aren’t many out there like Major Crimes.

  384. Please Renew Major Crimes – I love this show – it is one of the best on TV. Every time there is a great show, for some stupid reason, it gets cancelled and a lousy show takes its place.


  386. This is one of the best shows on TV. I have been watching since the first episode of The Closer. I hope that you’ll renew this quickly and let all us loyal fans be able to rest easy. In a world of crazy stuff this is just the best show on TV, it’s funny, sad, thought provoking and the cast is amazing!!!!! It’s just a special show and I hope it will keep bringing it’s magic for us to enjoy for a long time to come!!!!!! Please renew the show. This letter was amazing and I didn’t even know that the show had all these great ratings and such, thank you to the writer for proving in facts what I have always known in my heart. It’s just a terrific special show!!!!

  387. BEST show on any network. I never miss one. And if TNT does not renew, then they need to toss out “We Know Drama”! TNT was my go-to network. I don’t want to have to look for another one! Major Crimes is beyond great; the best and most talented ensemble of actors on TV today. Solid writing and ripped-from-the-headlines stories. MAKE MORE! RENEW! Recognize the serious acting talent and appeal you have, and work it!

  388. Please keep this great show for so many reasons. It’s topical, has great characters, good writing and is entertaining. I have been a faithful viewer since the first episode. I am asking for myself and many others. Please do not cancel the show.

  389. Please do not cancel this show! My husband and I watch every week ….and love the show and storylines but the cast is Amazing.


  391. With all of the lousy programming coming up, it would absolutely break our hearts to see Major Crimes end. The writers and cast have done a very good job developing the characters and they are just like family. PLEASE….keep Major Crimes going!

  392. Major Crimes is such an excellent show and many fans will find it difficult to do without it. PLEASE renew our favorite show!!

  393. Please renew the “BEST” show on TV , I’m looking forward to watching many more years , maybe Brenda Lee Johnston and her Daddy will make a Cameo , while her husband’s getting a promotion or medal ? There are just endless story lines yet to be seen , and I for one would really like to see them come to Fruition , Please .
    Thank You Sincerely,
    Kathy E

  394. I can’t imagine why it would be an issue to renew such an outstanding show!!! Excellent writing, great acting and relevant story lines. Please renew!!!

  395. Please renew major crimes, I love love love this show. I look forward to watching it every week to find out what happens. And I miss watching it when it’s out of season. I can’t wait to find out if Andy is ok. Please please renew the show.

  396. I look forward to this show every week. I am sad when there is a hiatus. Please renew this show. I love the characters!

  397. I’ve been watching this show from the beginning when it was Closer and will love to continue watching Major Crimes forever. TNT has canceled some of my shows before and I’ve been unhappy. Please do not take away my Major Crimes. Every cast member has touched our lives and we feel apart of their story that continues to grow every episode. We are apart of their family. I love you Major Crimes.

  398. Major Crimes is an outstanding show and I have watched every episode since The Closer debuted. I love the show, near miss an episode. It is sharp, witty, current and vey well written and cast. The cast is very talented and believable and no one has to take their clothes off and act trashy to get viewers. Taking Major Crimes off TNT would be a severe blow to the network and an extremely poor decision. Please renew it ! My favorite “off season” show!

  399. i absolutely love major crimes-i pray that you will renew the series and bring them back-the entire cast has such great chemistry-and i cannot wait to see what happens going forward in the next season-please dont be like so many other network big wigs that dont listen to the viewers-this cast and show are loved by millions-please renew renew renew major crimes

  400. Do not cancel this show
    We have been devastated when the tool Rizzoli and iris off I can not handle two in one year

  401. Please renew Major Crimes! It’s not only entertaining but also thought provoking. We need more shows like this! Renew Renew Renew
    Thank you!!!!

  402. My wife and i felt quite fortunate when Edward could finish off his analysis using the ideas he gained through your site. It is now and again perplexing to just continually be releasing tips which some other people may have been trying to sell. And we consider we need the website owner to appreciate because of that. All the explanations you have made, the easy blog menu, the relationships you help engender – it is most remarkable, and it’s making our son and the family do think this idea is thrilling, which is certainly tremendously vital. Thanks for all the pieces!

  403. Major Crimes is one of our favorite shows! We’ve been watching since the beginning of The Closer! Please don’t end it. The acting and writing is superb!

  404. Major Crimes is the ONLY show that I truly look forward to watching. The writing is EXCELLENT, the storylines are AMAZING, and the cast is TOTAL PERFECTION!! To not renew this show would be a terrible mistake. Major Crimes is QUALITY PROGRAMMING AT ITS BEST with a dedicated and devoted fan base. A program with high ratings, loyal fans, and stellar performances… Why would you not renew?

  405. Please don’t cancel Major crimes. I LOVE this show I have watched the series from the beginning of the Closer .

  406. Please don’t cancel this show. It gets me through my chemotherapy and makes me forget how sick I am. I enjoy the superb writing and character development, something that you don’t find a lot of these days in tv programs. Please keep it around for a long time! Thanks, jen

  407. DO NOT CANCEL this show. Our whole family watches this show. We started watching the Closer and we were not happy that it was cancelled. But when Major Crimes came on we got hooked. Major Crimes shows the consequences when you commit a crime. We love this show.

  408. Please renew Major Crimes I loved the closer and I love Major Crimes ad love all the cast . Please don’t take it off . I even watch all the reruns too. Please listen to us the viewers . Thank you.

  409. Major Crimes is one of the best shows on TV – ever. My wife and I hate that its “seasons” are so short and we anxiously await the next season. The cast, oh the cast! This is a great ensemble and we’ve come to know and care about each and everyone. We all know that every show has an end but Major Crimes is far from its end. I can truly say that if Major Crimes is not renewed there will be a huge hole in our viewing. KEEP IT ON.

  410. This show has great storylines and characters. If you are even thinking of canceling it then you should have your brain examined! Never understand why a great show is canceled and then put on some worthless show that no one wants to watch.

  411. Best show on television. There is only one other show that comes to mind that has the following that this “spin-off” has and that would be Frasier, spinoff from Cheers. But Frasier did not quite have the impact. TNT has a goldmine with this show and should always be their stellar!

    Best character actors anywhere.

  412. I can’t believe Major Crimes has not been renewed yet. It is the highest rated show on your network and you have already renewed shows that have performed much lower in the ratings. Major Crimes boasts what is beyond a doubt one of the best ensemble casts ever. Lead by Mary McDonnell and G.W. Bailey this cast delivers seamlessly every week. The writing on this show is top notch and creator James Duff and his team continue to deliver riveting stories every week. The cast is also one of the most diverse and talented group of actors that you will ever find. So please renew this wonderful show. Monday nights without Major Crimes really stink!

  413. Please don’t cancel Major Crimes,keep it going,keep it on the air Longer.Love this show.I’d be very Sad If the show was Cancelled for good.I love crime drama.Thanks for listening

  414. Major Crimes is without a doubt TNT’s best show! The cast, lead by the incredibly talented Mary McDonnell, consists of top-notch actors and the MC writing team is always doing outstanding work. Major Crimes is so successful because it tells real stories about real issues and real people. It does not relay on sex scenes or exaggerated, graphic violence. Not renewing the show would be a huge mistake and would certainly cause many people to turn their backs on TNT. So please Mr. Reilly, renew your hit show Major Crimes!

  415. Major Crimes is one of those shows that comes along once in a lifetime that just manages to do everything right. It’s the right balance of comedy and crime, providing a refreshing and realistic perspective of the world. The characters are likeable and relatable, with such interesting and unique personal lives, which makes it difficult not to get invested!
    On a much more personal level, Major Crimes, and its predecessor The Closer, have had such a huge impact on me. Characters like Rusty, Gus and Morales all being such a positive representation of gay people, helping me be more open and confident about my own sexuality. It’s also inspired me to look towards a career in law, something not a lot of shows can say they’ve been able to do.
    On top of all of this, Major Crimes has one of the most loyal and active fandoms, and some of the highest ratings on cable television. We, as such doting fans, deserve another season. And TNT, they owe it to themselves to renew the show for its phenomenal ratings alone. Also let’s not forget all of the awards, and the talents of all the cast and crew which make the show the success it is.
    Major Crimes is a journey with many stops, twists and turns, and a long road ahead. It would be such a shame to cut this journey short so soon. Which is why TNT should definitely renew it for a sixth season.

  416. I loved The Closer and watch reruns when they are on. I was so happy when Major Crimes started. I watch everyone and record to watch later too. I love all the officers on the squad. How the interact is great. Please don’t cancel this show. It is good!

  417. Beautifully written letter the speaks for a lot of us fans. You’re sitting at your desk or you’re in the round table meetings. Save yourself some time on this one and just go ahead and renew MAJOR CRIMES for Season 6, well and beyond. It’s the best show you have on the line up and every time it’s on it delivers.

  418. We love this show! Have been watching since the beginning of The Closer. We look forward to each and every episode. Please renew!

  419. Please Renew Major Crimes! It’s a show that is worth renewing again and again and again. The writers are very sharp in portraying the different roles and struggles that the characters faced, which audience can relate to. The actors and actresses are all very talented and Major Crimes is my no.1 have to watch series every week. I look forward to it every week, and without it, something is missing. Aside from Major Crimes, I don’t watch any other TNT shows because they just don’t capture my attention and appreciation that much. I’ve been following the cast since The Closer days, but personally I prefer the story lines of Major Crimes led by Captain Sharon Raydor, as opposed to Chief Johnson. The Captain’s personality and way of working seems to be easier to watch and follow, and you want to know more about the character, and the rest of the MC squad’s lives.

    Please renew Major Crimes for Season 6! It’s good to bring in new shows, but I believe retaining the old ones will also benefit TNT, because there is no definite answer that the new shows will generate such a large crowd of audience that will consistently follow through the many seasons. But looking at the ratings for Major Crimes since Season 1 till 5, especially the later seasons,I think you can agree with me that even though Major Crimes is a spin-off from The Closer, it no longer is portrayed or looked as a spin off, but rather a show of its own. And this very show of Major Crimes, has definite pool of audience that do and will want to keep watching it week after week after week.

    So Please consider renewing Major Crimes for Season 6. If possible, make it Season 6 and 7, 2 seasons straight so we don’t want to keep appealing for renewal; because MAJOR CRIMES IS WORTH IT!

  420. Hello,
    I’ve been watching since the Closer….what is taking so long with a no brainer? Renew Major Crimes and make us all happy. It’s simply the best drama on TV. Thanks in advance.

  421. Please renew Major Crimes. I have loved the cast since it was The Closer. There are few shows I watch on network or cable tv. This is one of them. Thanks for reading this message.
    Mary Vitale

  422. Renew Major Crimes! We have been watching since The Closer. One of the best shows on television! Love the show and all of the characters. Do not disappoint us! It is a winning show!

  423. Please renew Major Crimes. It is such a wonderful series and it would be a tragedy to cancel it


  425. This is absolutely appalling that this show would be cancelled .. I have watched this show from the beginning….and would like to see it thru

  426. I hope you renew Major Crimes for another season. If you want to know the truth, I wish you would just renew it now for a dozen seasons. Quit messing around and just do it. This is one of my very favorite murder mystery shows ever. But not only that, all the characters have something that connects with you. I love the drama, the humor, the compassion, and the feeling of family they bring with it. Please renew this show. P.S. I even read Rusty’s blog!

  427. There are only 3 programs that I do not wait for DVR, do not ‘on demand’ … I must be there to watch!! And THEN I watch again via DVR! One of those 3 is “Major Crimes” … my word! We are fairly gasping by the times the credits roll, it’s just that excellent! RENEW, PLEASE!! And for a long time!

  428. This is one of the half dozen TV shows I watch. My husband also enjoys watching it. Major Crimes is well written and extremely well acted. PLEASE RENEW!

  429. Major Crimes features characters that are wonderfully flawed, genuinely likable, and most of all REAL. I never miss an episode and I TRULY hope it will be renewed. Thank you.

  430. RENEW MAJOR CRIMES! This is one of the VERY best shows on TV. Please don’t come in with a new broom and sweep out the old gold you have. Think very carefully about the audience you will lose if you don’t renew this show….and we will leave in massive numbers.

  431. How upsetting to not see a renewal for Major Crimes this Fall. With the loss of Rizzoli and Isles, it would be a complete closeout for TNT.

  432. Please do not cancel Major Crimes. During it’s season(s), I look forward to Monday nights to see the squad. During the off-season, I’m looking for re-runs! I love the cast. Please, leave them alone and let them do their job.

  433. I love Major Crimes! One of the best written, best acted, & best directed shows on TV. There are so few quality shows in a sea of mediocrity- we need Major Crimes to flourish.

  434. Please Renew Major Crimes, there are not many shows who can pull in viewers the way Major Crimes does and the cast is spectacular and loving and loyal to its fan base. The show covers so many areas that are true to life and not covered by other shows. I have followed Major Crimes from day one and have since brought the full Closer series and have seasons 1-4 Major Crimes on DVD

  435. Please renew Major Crimes. Do not cancel it. It’s our favorite show on TV and the cast ensemble is amazing.

  436. Major Crimes is definitely one of the best shows on air. It is smart, compelling, engaging, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Please renew!

  437. Please do not even consideri cancellation of Major Crimes. We have dozens of friends as do we here in Utah that watch and look so forward to watching the show every week !!
    It is amazing how the big shots of each network rarely watch any of these so very popular shows but at the strike of a pen can take away the very programs that your viewers love and get you the ratings!!!
    So please take to heart what all these viewers have posted here because you stand to loose a huge viewers audience if you do. Say yes to keeping major crimes on your Lineup for 2016-2017 seasons!!!

  438. I watch this weekly with my bestie who lives in the U.K. This show is really good and intense, would be very smart of the network to renew

  439. Please renew Major Crimes! I’ve watched this show since the spin off of the Closer. Please keep this show on TNT my Monday’s aren’t the same any more .

  440. Love Major Crimes! I have been watching it from the beginning. Please Do not cancel Major Crimes!


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