Case Closed? That Squad Looks Familiar

A great article about The Closer and Major Crimes in the New York Times

When “The Closer” fans tune in to “Major Crimes” on Aug. 13, familiar faces typically relegated to reactive status when Brenda was in the room will be taking charge and getting close-ups. In fact the only thing that might confuse viewers is TNT’s label of “Major Crimes” as a spinoff. In the land of narrative television a successor to an original show typically involves a move, like to Seattle (“Frasier”) from the bar stools of Boston (“Cheers”).

“It’s not really what we consider a spinoff historically,” said G. W. Bailey, who over the years has turned his fuming and unfiltered Lieutenant Provenza into a fan favorite. “It’s a new kind of hybrid. I’m at the same desk. I park in the same spot. I haven’t moved an inch.”

Call the show what you will, TNT’s job is to let viewers know that “Major Crimes” will offer everything its predecessor did in terms of a murder mystery solved and a workplace group examined, just without the workaholic Brenda leading the charge. To help ease the transition, TNT is unveiling “Major Crimes” at 10 p.m., right after the series finale of “The Closer.” This strategy provides instant gratification for the curious. A “Closer” fan hoping to reflect on Brenda’s dramatic exit will barely have time to tweet “@Kyrasedgwick thx 4 FUN TIMES” before heading straight into the new show.

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