A Little Glimpse of Major Crimes Season Two!

The premiere of season 2 is still many months away, but today we got our first glimpse of it, thanks to this awesome picture of Mary McDonnell shooting promos for WBTV, posted on Facebook and Twitter by Wallman PR.


Wallman PR on WhoSay

Summer can’t get here fast enough!

‘ER’ alum Paul McCrane helps stage ‘Major Crimes’

Zap2It interviewed Paul McCrane, director of episode 1.03 about his work on The Closer and now on Major Crimes:

“I know a lot of the folks over there,” McCrane tells Zap2it, since he also directed one of the final “Closer” episodes. “I was very flattered that they asked me to do that, considering that obviously when a show is ending, they want it to go out strong. I guess I didn’t screw it up too badly, so I was invited back to do one of the first ‘Major Crimes,’ which was again an honor and a thrill.”

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