James Duff on the end of The Closer and the future of Major Crimes

In a new interview with Assignment X Magazine, Creator and Executive Producer James Duff talks about bringing The Closer to an end, and moving forward with Major Crimes.

AX: Can you talk about the differences and the similarities between Brenda and Sharon as characters?

DUFF: Brenda is a much more personality-driven, impulse-driven, what-I-need-to-do, obsessive/compulsive kind of personality.Sharon is much more orderly and she is more like her conscience. Brenda is more like your desires and your wants and your conscious self, and Raydor is more like your conscience telling you what you ought to do. It would be appealing to think that we always followed our conscience, or found our conscience in some way attractive, but a lot of us would like to avoid it.

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