MCTV Presents: What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast #6 with Mary McDonnell and Guest Host Kathe Mazur

Welcome to Episode 6 of ‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’, the podcast devoted to getting an in-depth view at Major Crimes Captain Sharon Raydor by the woman who knows her best, Mary McDonnell. This week’s guest host is Kathe Mazur, who plays DDA Andrea Hobbs. In this episode we dive in to episode 8 of Season 5 of Major Crimes “Off The Wagon”. Mary and Kathe discuss the episode, the relationship between their characters, and both character’s back stories. Get to know the characters and the women behind them.

We will be including a few listener questions on the podcast each week, and you can ask your questions below, on the MajorCrimesTV Facebook page, or tweet them to us @MaryMcDonnell10 and @MajorCrimesTV using hashtag #WWSRD, and tune in next week to see if your question is answered!

10 thoughts on “MCTV Presents: What Would Sharon Raydor Do? Podcast #6 with Mary McDonnell and Guest Host Kathe Mazur

  1. One of the best podcasts so far. Actors REALLY get deep into their characters. Thanks, and always great to hear Mary laugh. Good perspectives on DWW too. I am reading the follow up book to DWW, the Holy Road. So those characters have been on my mind lately. Too bab a sequel was never made.

  2. amazing to listen to you both mary and kathe both characters are powerful true and open and indepth to watch on the show.thank you sharing each one.

  3. WWSRD are the absolute best podcasts – lots of substance and very entertaining! The stories about their fathers was very touching. I enjoyed hearing Mary and Kathe interact and their opinions on their characters. Bravo! More please.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast, its so refreshing to watch and listen to women who are at the top of their intelligence. I totally agree with the opinion of a strong father figure being influential in shaping their daughter’s future. However, in my case ,my strong Irish grandfather encouraged my mother to reach for the stars, to be an intelligent and successful woman, who in turn passed the very same message on to me and my sister. I also feel it’s quite cultural issue too, especially within the Irish heritage, for the fathers to instil this into their offspring. Hope to listen to Mary and Kate again very soon you were great! ☺

  5. Is Sharon still afraid that either Phillip Stroh or one of his minions will resurface?

  6. This is n we some podcast ! I loved it at lest s much s the one with Tony !! They all are great but these two are special

  7. Absolutely the best podcast, but two very intelligent, smart women. Very thought provoking episode….came away thinking about which of my parents had the most influence on me. Question for another podcast……OK, you have to tell us, we have been waiting for so long….What is in Sharon Raydor’s desk drawer?

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  8. Very busy week and I finally had a chance to listen to this podcast. I have enjoyed ALL of them, however this is my favorite so far. Very enjoyable listening to both women talk about their characters and influences. Also could listen to both about most anything anyway as their voices are so wonderful!

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