MCTV Presents: ‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’ Special Edition Podcast – Mary McDonnell

Welcome to a Special Edition of the ‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’, Podcast with Mary McDonnell. This episode features Mary with Maggie and Nachelle as they take on an important topic.

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7 thoughts on “MCTV Presents: ‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’ Special Edition Podcast – Mary McDonnell

  1. as always great to listen to open true indepth with every issues on and off the show.great show and cast.thank you sharing.

  2. Very interesting to listen to for someone in the UK (in my thirties). Im following the election and debates keenly and somewhat fearfully as the wrong vote seems to have potential for scary consequences . In this country I didn’t believe we’d be crazy enough to leave Europe , I hope America doesn’t have the same crazy moment. Thanks for the insight

  3. Absolutely adored this podcast!! To hear you all say all the things I am constantly saying, feeling, trying to express myself…beyond words! I hope that everyone who listens to this hears & absorbs all the positive – respecting each other regardless of where you stand politically, talking to each other respectfully, making sure to vote no matter what your stance….and so on. I hope you decide to do more of this type of podcast. I’d love it if you did one where you spend time talking about DAPL, Sinte Gleska, etc. Regardless – thank you for this podcast, and for all of the podcasts – they are all interesting, intriguing, awesome, & appreciated! #WWSRD

  4. This podcast was fantastic! I have been a staunch Hillary supporter from the beginning primarily because I believe she is the best choice to lead in a world with so many different uncertainties. But I also believe very strongly that she can handle the responsibility of becoming president. Running for office and actually doing the job are two very different things. It takes a lot for someone to sit in the Oval Office and accept both the good and bad things that come with the job. This podcast did a great job with regard to exploring the reasons beyond simply liking or not liking the candidates. And it was refreshing to hear other people articulate those reasons outside of my own circle of friends and family.

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