Review: ‘Major Crimes’ solves TNT’s dilemma

Excerpt from the LA Times Review of Major Crimes.

Where Sedgwick’s music was chaotic and bright, McDonnell’s (as it was in “Battlestar Galactica”) is modulated and cool, but with a blue-flame intensity. She seems to be one who keeps her head when all around her are losing theirs (and sometimes blaming it on her), but also sets us see that her feelings are complicated and that her composure is harder-won than it looks.

Brenda could be unorthodox to the point of illegality — her concerns were more moral than ethical, you might say, which created the problems that brought McDonnell’s internal affairs investigator into the picture in the first place. Sharon pays more attention to the Book by Which Things Are Done: “God does she love the rules,” someone says. But she is happy to find new ways to make them suit her needs.

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