Major Crimes- New Key Art and Season Synopsis Revealed!

The Season 3 premiere of Major Crimes is right around the corner, and two new versions of the key artwork have just been released!


s3 cast flynn provenza raydor

TNT has also released this description of the season to

This season on Major Crimes, the squad will be called upon to investigate the disappearance of two kids and their father, the death of the defendant in a rape trial and a complex case involving arranged marriages and diplomatic immunity. In addition, one of Sanchez’s old cases will resurface when it turns out a man he put away for manslaughter might be innocent. And Provenza and Flynn will be drawn to a ritzy estate to investigate the murder of a dog, but they’re going to have to solve the case with unwanted help from an amateur sleuth they’ve encountered before.

 On the home front, Sharon Raydor tries helping Rusty put his turbulent past behind him, a goal made far more difficult when a member of the young man’s biological family returns, threatening Rusty’s hard won stability.”

Major Crimes Season 3 premieres on June 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

Major Crimes- New Season 3 Promos

Check out these two new promos of Major Crimes Season 3!

Thanks to our friends at AUSXIP for spotting these!

Major Crimes 214 “All In” Promo