Graham Patrick Martin On His Role in Major Crimes

Starry Constellation Magazine Interviewed Graham Patrick Martin on his role on The Closer and how he fits into Major Crimes.

My character (is) Rusty Beck, and I am introduced in the finale of “The Closer.” The Major Crimes Division needs my help with a case that they are working on. I use that leverage to make a deal with the Major Crimes Division saying, “I’ll give you the help that you need if you use your resources to find my mother, who has abandoned me.” Rusty is a homeless teen who has been abandoned by his mother seven months prior and has been living on the streets. So, he takes this opportunity as his one shot to find his mother who has left him. Ultimately, “The Closer” ends and Rusty’s end of the deal is upheld. That’s where I come in on “Major Crimes.” Rusty comes back and says, “You guys have to uphold your end of the deal and find my mom.”

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