Kearran Giovanni – From Broadway to Major Crimes

in a new interview from AssignmentX , Kearran Giovanni talks about her transition from the Broadway stage to TV, who helped her through being the “new girl”, and what other projects she has in the works.

AX: What are Amy’s relationships like with the rest of the people on the squad?

GIOVANNI: Funnily enough, Raymond Cruz, who plays Sanchez – Sanchez and I both have a lot of gun training, as far as our characters, and so he and I, if there’s any kind of dangerous situation or they need two people going in, it’s usually he and I that are going in together, and we do have a funny brother and sister relationship. He completely reminds me of my brother, and so we get along great, and so usually it’s he and I that are – our minds are always thinking alike, and usually you’ll see us together, doing a lot of things.

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