They’re Back! Major Crimes Cast Reunites for Season 3 Promos! (Photos)

They haven’t begun filming yet (that starts Monday), but the Major Crimes cast was in good spirits as they reunited today to film promotional footage and new cast photos. Lucky for us, the cast was more than happy to document the fun- and have a little fun at their co-stars expense, too!

Episode Stills 2.13- “Jailbait”

Production Stills

Episode Photos

Major Crimes Cast and Crew Celebrates Final Day of Season 2 Filming would like to congratulate the cast and crew on their final day of prinicpal photography of season 2. Thank you for all for your hard work, and we can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for us all!


Photo Credit: Michael Paul Chan, used with permission.


First Look: Tom Berenger on the set of Major Crimes!

TVGuide has brought us our first photo of Tom Berenger on the set along with some exclusive information:

“Major Crimes police captain ­Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) is getting a major pain in the keister this season when her estranged husband, Jackson (Tom Berenger), moves in with her starting July 8 for three ­episodes of the TNT drama. “He is ­extremely charming and funny,” says Berenger, who collected an Emmy last year for Hatfields & McCoy’s.

So why did the couple split? It seems that smilin’ Jack has an addictive personality. “He was a big defense lawyer at one point, making big bucks, but he had a drinking problem,” Berenger says. “He quit drinking, but then he started gambling in ­Vegas. He’s ­always out of money and the kids don’t want to talk to him. And now he’s gotten himself back in L.A. on the court-appointed attorney list.”

That’s how he turns up on Raydor’s doorstep, and he’s intent on winning her back. “Jack’s a hopeless romantic who still wears his wedding ring, but she doesn’t,” Berenger says. “He ends up sleeping on the couch.”‘


Major Crimes Cast Attends TNT Network Upfronts!

Excitement Builds for Season Two with Set Photos and the Return of Fan Favorites!

The excitement for the upcoming season of Major Crimes has continued this week as filming began on episode two! In addition to new cast member Nadine Velazquez tweeting a variety of wonderful behind-the-scenes photos, we also got word that two favorite recurring guests will also be back this year. Kathe Mazur (DDA Andrea Hobbs) tweeted yesterday, “Cannot wait to go shoot episode three of Major Crimes. So looking forward to my peeps and my perps.” Ransford Doherty (Coroner Kendall) also confirmed his return to the show, posting “I’m baaaaaaack for Season 2 of Major Crimes! Looking forward to a great day on set today!” and this fantastic photo:


Photo credit: Ransford Doherty, used with permission.

And some wonderful behind-the-scenes photos tweeted by Nadine Vazquez! nadinesetphoto

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First Look at Major Crimes Season Two!

TNT has just released the first production photo from season two! 2.01- raydor rios buzz provenza sykes tao

June 10th is getting closer!